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For more information: Real FX Pty Ltd

Contact Details

Phone: 0408 308 088

PO Box 1096
Tuggeranong 2901

Real FX Pty Ltd

Real FX

Real FX is a Canberra based Consultancy Company which offer services ranging from a review of your current contract administration system, assistance in implementing new systems, through to full management of specific areas of your business.

* Drawing Documentation Issues - Assistance in maintaining drawing registers.
* Tendering Process - Assistance with Packaging, Comparison Analysis, Post Tender Interviews and Contractual Documentation.
* Client Variations - Assistance in Ensuring that No Variations are Overlooked.
* Subcontractor Documentation - Schedules, Variations & Backcharges.
* Budgets & Forecasts - Cost Plans, Retentions & Effective Coding.

If you feel this service may be beneficial to your organisation, or you would like further information, please contact Scott Molloy on 0408 308 088 to discuss and/or arrange a free confidential initial consultation.