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On The Block with Geelong’s Andy & Ben

The Block's Ben (Right) and Andy (Left) are best mates from Geelong. Photo: Reg RyanThe Block’s Ben (Right) and Andy (Left) are best mates from Geelong. Photo: Reg Ryan


In case you hadn’t realised, Geelong contestants Andy (left) & Ben want you to know they’re boys.

“ ‘Your apartment’s a bachelor pad’, ‘Your apartment is a bit masculine’,” Ben moans following the judges’ critique of their master bedroom. “We’re two blokes!” Andy yelps.

God bless them, they are. And this week’s room reveal episode opened on them doing what blokes do best: playing a prank and earning detention for Gladwrapping that Suzuki. (‘Who told?’, Andy wants to know. It was their great “rat” mate Chris but that’s another story.)

Photo: SuppliedPhoto: Supplied

Back at the reveal, it’s clear the boys’ “undercooked” presentation hasn’t won over the judges, despite the bright and breezy feel of the room. There are issues with varying heights, poor finishing with the niches, and lack of luxury.

But they haven’t lost any of the space by bucking the architect’s plans and including the en suite, the judges agree. Judge Shaynna Blaze loves the drapery, mirror and carpet. Then – be still her beating heart – she steps into the walk-in wardrobe. And loses it completely.

“Nooooo! This is every girl’s dream, look at it!” she screeches about the boys’ secret weapon (courtesy of their $5000 bonus win at the soap-making challenge): a customised 360-degree spinning shoe rack with mirror. “The only one in Australia,” say the boys.

Judge Darren Palmer points out this is the first bedroom they’ve been in where the walk-in is way better than the bedroom.

The walk-in wardrobe. Photo: SuppliedThe walk-in wardrobe. Photo: Supplied

The boys have clawed back points for the functionality in this area, but it’s not enough to win them the $10,000 from Domain, which goes to Kim and their great “rat” mate Chris. Alas, the boys place last.

Still they’ve turned out the only apartment with an extra bedroom, an extra bathroom and that revolving shoe rack. Genius.

“If a buyer had misgivings about the bed linen, they’ll forget about it once they find this walk-in ’robe,” British-born judge Neale Whitaker says.

“Go, boys!” It’s official: Shaynna’s still a fan.





Photo: SuppliedPhoto: Supplied

As seen in Andy & Ben’s master bedroom, this resin artwork by Jessica Skye Baker Art is a stunning statement-maker.



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