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309 Tully Falls Road  Ravenshoe, QLD 4888
Welcome to the universe of real estate. Excellence in property sales and marketing. Guidance and professional assistance for home buyers. No Nonsense mentality. Up to date knowledge of the real estate market. Realistic assessment of the value of properties. The Ravenshoe Real Estate Agent that will sell your house. We offer: Free appraisal of your property Free listing on our website Professional and honest advice All aimed to get the best deal for YOU when you want to buy or sell a property. Principal Yvonne van den Oudenhoven For many years Yvonne does have international sales and business experience. In the past she has been involved in real estate sales in the UK and the Netherlands. Helping you to sell or buy your property is going to be her new challenge. Yvonne always aims on getting the best results with integrity and passion. Service is her expertise. Office Manager Benno Janzen After a career in an international tax law firm Benno did run his own business in house renovations for more than 10 years. Therefore he has got extensive knowledge of building materials and can give genuine advice about renovations and home improvements. Benno is loyal and dedicated to make your experience with Adastra Homes satisfactory. We are focused on providing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We do have up to date knowledge of the Ravenshoe real estate market and are on top of fluctuations. We will meet your expectations with integrity and dedication. We are sure you will be happy to experience our expertise to sell your property or to advise you in your search for the right property. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you soon. Check back later for new listings to our website.    

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