Biggin & Scott Yarraville

Biggin & Scott Yarraville

39 Anderson Street  Yarraville, VIC 3013
Yarraville is quickly being discovered by outsiders for its cosmopolitan village atmosphere. As a cafe latte culture the suburb presents as a traditional people’s place, where everyone is on first name terms and a smile greets you at every intersection. Surprisingly close to the Central Business District, Yarraville offers a wealth of cultural diversity, from restaurants to quiet secluded parks, from tranquil leafy streets to historic heritage buildings. Yarraville represents a community with value. Recently Yarraville has been transformed, with homes and older buildings being upgraded, with old and new owners capitalising on the sensational value Yarraville offers.

Agents from Biggin & Scott Yarraville

Charmaine Pienko
Chau Ngo
Eliza Tomasino
Frank Karavidas
Frank Karavidas
Jemma Quarrier

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