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McLachlan & Martin

Level 1, 229 St Vincent St Port Adelaide, SA 5015
McLachlan & Martin is a specialist property consultancy proudly based in Port Adelaide and formed expressly to service the unique characters of the Port and surrounding areas. Port Adelaide is undergoing a sustained revival with both government and private sectors involved in a number of local initiatives. McLachlan & Martin recognizes the demand for business premises and residential housing development will increase in the short to medium term as the public responds to the relative affordability and uniqueness of  Port Adelaide. The partners are Rob McLachlan & Vaughan Martin whom together have more than 75 years of experience in the property industry. Commercial Sales, Leasing and Property Management together with ongoing involvement in reidential development and sales. There is a sustained re-emergence rolling through the Port and McLachlan & Martin are on the spot to assist their current clients and offer their service to new ones.   

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