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269 - 271 Charters Towers Road  Hermit Park, QLD 4812
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Page and Pearce are a family owned business in Townsville.  Todd Pearce and his wife and business partner Sue are the owners of Page & Pearce who employ 28 fulltime staff with an additional couple of  part timers.  Page and Pearce offer two  departments......Residential Sales and Property Management.Todd and Greg Page’s relationship began in the early 90’s not long after they attended a new concept in real estate seminar. The challenge was to change the way real estate was traditionally performed especially in Townsville.  “It was a new concept to perform real estate rather than the awful culture of greed that was existing in the industry and many offices that gave agents a bad name”, Greg said.The system required ethics in real estate to not only be talked or bragged about but delivered by the agents and the Agency. Installing the System has consumed Greg and Todd’s professional life, in fact Todd was the first Agent Greg employed under the System. It is quite ironic that Todd and Greg became business partners rather than employer and employee. It was not until 2003, when Todd and Greg started their own agency...Page and Pearce Real Estate that they could finally get some clarity and momentum with the System.  In fact Neil Jenman had handed over the reigns to Gary Pittard who now runs “The Pittard Training Group” which continues with the philosophy and systems. This system has introduced innovations such as: No Sale No Charge, The Sellers Protection Guarantee as well as Buyers Declarations. In fact Todd and Greg introduced the FLAT FEE property management service which has been taken on by other Agencies who are members of “The Pittard Training Group”. All these are just a few examples how this system is different to traditional Real Estate services. The other noticeable difference with Page and Pearce to other real estate agencies, especially Franchise agencies are NO AUCTIONS...or very few! In fact the last private residence that Page and Pearce Auctioned outside of a Mortgagee sale where it is by law as a requirement was back in 2002 in Potts Street, Belgian Gardens. The biggest noticeable change with the system is that Sales Consultants get paid a decent salary (with Bonuses) rather than the traditional “commission only”.   A decent salary creates the right environment for sales people  to say no to low offers from buyers. A big deal indeed! In 2012 and 2013 Page and Pearce were acknowledged as the leading office as well as the number  one Sales Team within Australia for “The Pittard training Group”. This is a  huge accomplishment for an office which is not only located outside of the major capital cities but for Townsville.  In fact the Page and Pearce Sales Consultants are all in the TOP 20 selling agents within the training group. Another foundation of the business is “the system runs the business, and the people run the system”. This mantra has helped the Property Management department prosper, with 95% plus approval ratings from many long standing Landlord/investor clients. (Survey Oct 2012) “We’re very proud of the systems we have in place at Page & Pearce. Our systems offer clients a great selling, buying or renting experience and we have a fantastic team who implement them at a very professional level,” Todd says. That’s what it boils down to — teamwork — and we believe we have the best team in town. It’s all about understanding what customers want and then satisfying that need. Todd and Sue strive to make the office a happy, productive work place. With many of the staff serving for over 5 years. In fact  4 current staff moved over from when they worked at Honeycombes with Greg and Todd. Page and Pearce Real Estate’s by-line “The Good Property People” came about from when they first started their business and they had a focus group organised by their marketing guru Alex McCormack from MAK advertising. From this focus group they came up with the by-line “the Good Property People” because of Greg and Todd’s reputation around town. They were both referred to as “straight shooters, with a genuine desire to serve clients first”. So this is how Page and Pearce “The Good Property People” came about.In June 2013 a Company review was done by all staff employed by Page & Pearce at the time.  The results were compiled and as an outcome  some structural and physical changes have been made. Some points of change have been - ·         Training – the introduction of Real Estate Dynamics for the Property Management Team·         This has brought about quarterly team trainings, Mentoring for Leadership and Management·         Implementation of Inspect Real Estate·         Access to literature·         The development of KPI’s and Operation Standards·         The introduction of Company Updates, Quarterly events and better communication between       leadership, management and operations, and ·         better office facilities – bigger work area’s, better office layout & better staff amenities. In January 2014 Todd started the process of looking at appropriate sites and offices and shortly after found 153 Charters Road.  We believe this move is a benefit to all of us and will bring continued growth and success to Page & Pearce, The Good Property People.  Todd and Sue are focused on building a culture of total dedication to achieving maximum results for their clients and customers. “Specialising in Residential Real Estate is what makes us successful and not diverting from what we do well is the key”. The ultimate goal would be for Page & Pearce to become the benchmark in real estate nationally.

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Page & Pearce Real Estate
Page & Pearce Real Estate
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