Raine & Horne Parramatta

Raine & Horne Parramatta

96 George Street  Parramatta, NSW 2150
Raine & Horne was established at Parramatta by John F. Surian some 93 years after the young and energetic Tom Raine & the benevolent somewhat older and wise Joseph Horne in 1883 founded Raine & Horne Pty Ltd, a company which after four generations of one family ownerships has become one of the icons of Australian commercial heritage John Surian chose to start his business in 1976 in Parramatta which was settled at the same time as Sydney town because whilst at the time it was only regarded as a large suburban centre, it was becoming apparent that Parramatta, located in the centre of the Sydney metropolitan suburban sprawl and at the head of the river which flowed to become Port Jackson would eventually develop into a major centre for commerce, industry and residential housing.

Agents from Raine & Horne Parramatta

Angelo La Selva
Brianna Mitchell
Christian Cirillo
Duarte Figueira
Freddy Wijaya
Gino Sotto

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