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Rental Solutions (VIC)

4 Queen Street  Frankston, VIC 3199
Welcome to Rental Solutions (Vic)At Rental Solutions (Vic) we understand the need to deliver strategic resolutions in running a successful and profitable Property Management rent role. By working closely with all our clients we can provide them with a variety of services.· Property Management Consultancy· Third Party Property Management of your Rental role· Individual Portfolio Property Management services · In-house and Off-site Training opportunities for your Sales and Property Managers Teams, in whatever required capacity· Expert staff training providing professional training tools, forms and tips creating competitive advantages in the market place· Deliver sustained improvement and solutions in the business performance of the Rental Role· Sales – we can also sell your property, business or rental propertyTo run a successful Sales Department and profitable Property Management Department, you must be 'well organized and streamlined'. By providing an accurate accounting system, ensuring current policies and procedures are in place and to provide relevant up to date reports to staff and clients including Vendors, Purchasers, Landlords, Tenants and Tradespeople.All clients need to be retained as "Customers for Life" receiving the best value for their investment property/s and their preferred Property Management Company.

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