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Toop & Toop Real Estate Norwood

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Our companyIn 1985 Anthony Toop launched a real estate company from his home in Toorak Gardens with his wife Sylvia. From the outset, Anthony and Sylvia were determined to create the best real estate company in the country, and to set the industry standard.Innovation and systematic, cost effective business practices soon became the hallmarks of Toop&Toop. For an industry that was locked in tradition, many found these innovations including floodlit signs and a weekly Home Gallery magazine, challenging.However, Toop&Toop's unique marketing, impeccable ethics, outstanding service and passion for moving real estate to new levels soon became the model for others to follow. Through the 1990s, the company became acknowledged as the strongest, high profile independent real estate firm in South Australia and gained recognition by winning numerous awards and setting the standards in: customer service quality assurance business excellenceToop&Toop is now recognised nationally as a market leader in residential real estate in Australia. Into the new century, the company continues to develop strongly with a focus on using advanced technology to constantly deliver new services and products to enhance the effectiveness of the sales process.Integral to this success are qualities such as nimbleness, risk-taking and the willingness to challenge assumptions in order to find a better way of providing service to clients.Groundbreaking news spreads, and the demand to hear about Toop&Toop has spread interstate and overseas with requests to be a keynote speaker becoming a regular event.Meanwhile, Toop&Toop's founding passion for innovation and focus on efficiency continues to be maintained at the highest standard.Mission StatementWe will take the leadWe will not let the competition set the paceWe will focus on competitive edge at every opportunityWe will provide service to our clients of a standard unmatched in real estate We will be led by our customer not by our productsWe will do the right things as well as do things rightInnovationAt Toop&Toop we recognise that what was once exceptional service merely becomes expected, and innovation today is a given tomorrow. We believe in recognising the changing needs of our clients and responding to tomorrow’s challenges today by setting new standards. Traditional agencies fighting change struggle to deliver. Consumers are more demanding and savvy, wanting more for less.Recognising that the advances in technology offered the potential to take real estate service and results to a new level, Toop&Toop began work in 1998 to create an enhanced selling system incorporating the latest technology. This selling system, developed with the support of the South Australian Centre for Innovation, is known as VirtualAgent™ and has set a new standard in the industry.Toop&Toop, responding to tomorrow's needs today. That's innovation. That’s setting the standard.    

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