@Home ACT

Angus Forsyth

@Home ACT

Born and bred in Canberra and having gone, come, gone again and finally settled back in Lonely planet's 3rd best city I find myself very @Home.

Having a work background of sales and customer service I wanted to take the plunge into something I was more passionate about, Real Estate.

I have found a great work 'family' and enjoy getting to know our owners and tenants more and more as each month rolls on.

Real estate really has been my passion for a long time, having a keen eye for the potential of a property and a genuine interest in the market, I have found the reality better than the hobby.

You can find me walking my 2 Italian greyhounds most evening and like to work up a sweat at the gym before work. The coffee, bars and restaurants in Canberra continue to surprise me and I enjoy socialising whenever the opportunity arises!

Family is a big part of my life as well and I enjoy getting to see my parents and sister on the regular.