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Hope you've been doing great. A bit about me, I'm a real estate author, speaker/ mentor, sales trainer, creative marketer, and licensed agent/business owner.

I've lived in the Wollongong region for over 22 years. I love family time, I love life, and I ampassionateabouthelping people& making a difference in people's lives as well asputting a smileon people's faces.

Now what can I do for YOU?Simple, offer youFantastic serviceand sell your property at the Highest Price marketed in the most creative manner to reach out to a larger audience. We don't try to get you the first offer, we aimto get you theBest Offer.

PROOFfrom Sellers and Local Businesses that our marketing works. Watch our videos and testimonials and see for yourself.https://www.miketrealestate.com.au/videos

Contact mefor a friendly chat and see if we can work together to get thejob done right the first time.

So if you areThinking of Selling?Let's havefundoing it for you!

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