Nick Ning
Nick Ning
C'est La Vie Homes

Nick Ning

C'est La Vie Homes
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We are experienced builder in gungahlin region.We could provide professional building services including but not limited to:
  • Superior Quality Homes
  • House & Land Package
  • Project Management
  • One door stop for all home needs.

Our building philosophies are Life, Value, Return!

Life:  If you want to build your dream house to live in, we always can help!  We can integrate a lot of modern ideas into your house which will make your life more easy and stylish.

Value: We will integrate much more values into your house than what you expect,  best value house is always our first priority.

Return: If you are an investor or home owner with us, we will always concern your profit return from your house.Simply speaking, if you sell the house we built for you, you make good profit out of it!

We have many successful experiences in helping investors to gain huge profit in housing market! Find out how? contact us and explore more, and you will find life is easy with more free money at hand!