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January 2006 News Article
31 January Fix skills shortage, HIA says
Governments should implement flexible, industry-driven training systems, the Housing Industry Association said today (Jan 31).
27 January Building costs fall, but shortages continue
Cooling residential activity has temporarily eased pressures on some trades but many key trades remain in short supply, according to figures released today (Jan 27).
25 January Land tax relief for 12,000 in NSW
Almost 12,000 more investment property owners will be exempted from land tax this year due to an increase in the tax-free threshold, it was announced today (Jan 25).
25 January Inflation falls, easing interest rate fears
Australia's annual rate of inflation has fallen to 2.8 per cent from 3 per cent after dropping in the December quarter, easing fears of an increase in interest rates.
24 January Houses up, units down is ACT prediction
The price of detached housing in the ACT is expected to rise by 5 per cent in 2006, but the prices of units is expected to fall, according to the latest McCann property market report.
24 January Pierces Creek rebuilding abandoned
Pierces Creek Settlement will not be rebuilt following the 2003 bushfires, the ACT Government decided today (Jan 24).
20 January Slow year ahead: HIA
The Housing Industry Association said in a market snapshot yesterday (19 Jan) that a slower year is expected in 2006 for the residential building sector.
18 January Bushfire-destroyed homes being rebuilt
A support group for the victims of Canberra's 2003 bushfires said yesterday (17 Jan) that soaring building costs have slowed rebuilding.
17 January Home lending up for year's end
The slow but steady recovery in home lending has continued through to the end of 2005, figures released today (17 Jan) by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show.
16 January Grasshopper invasion damaging gardens, farms
Canberra and region gardens and farms are beeing rapidly eaten in what has been described as the worst infestation of grasshoppers in 25 years.
12 January Housing affordability within reach: HIA
The dream of owning a home is returning for Australians, according to figures released today (12 January) by the Housing Industry Association.
10 January Allhomes hits record one million page hits in single day
The allhomes.com.au website received one million page hits in a single 24 hour period yesterday (Jan 10), breaking previous records.
10 January Interest in Canberra and South Coast property surges at start of 2006
Interest in Canberra and South Coast property has surged at the start of 2006, according to Jan Mitchell, the manager of property website allhomes.com.au.
9 January Adelaide property set for good 2006
Adelaide's housing market recorded it fifth consecutive year of growth last year.
6 January South Wollongong property prices boom
Properties south of Wollongong have boomed in the past five years, overshadowing more modest increases in higher-priced suburbs, according to a survey published today in the Wollongong Mercury.
6 January Complaints against real-estate agents fall
The number of complaints about real estate agents made to the ACCC fell significantly during 2004-05. Only 2% (889 complaints) of the total 43,827 complaints received by the ACCC during 2004-05were made against real estate...
5 January Housing expected to revive this year
Economists and analysts are expecting housing to have a modest recovery in 2006.
4 January Cautious buyers go for fixed-rate loans
The portion of borrowers taking out fixed-rate loans has more than doubled in the past five months, according to figures out today (Jan 4).
1 January Land tax relief for some begins today
Many property owners in NSW will cease paying land tax from today (Jan 1), but others will have to pay more.