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October 2007 News Article
31 October New home sales down 3 per cent in September quarter
New home sales fell 3 per cent in the September quarter, according to figures out today (31 October 2007)
31 October Unit prices boom in Canberra
The price of flats, units and townhouses in Canberra has risen up by 3.3% to $346,000 in the September quarter 2007 – an annual increase of 11 per cent.
29 October Building trade shortage causing price pressure
Building trade shortages continue to place upward pressure on trade prices.
26 October Property prices boom across the nation, especially ACT
Property prices boomed across the nation, rising highest in Canberra, according to the most recent Australian Property Monitors guide out today (26 October 2007).
26 October Tenants face higher bond requirements
Tenants could be faced with higher bond payments every time the rent goes up, under a plan being looked at by the NSW Government.
24 October CPI figure grim for renters and home-owners
CPI went up 1 per cent in the September quarter, adding to the likelihood that interest rates will go up, putting more stress on home-owners. The figure itself is high because of higher rents in the...
23 October Housing shortage worsens in ACT
The housing crisis in Canberra has worsened according to the latest BIS Shrapnel report.
19 October Housing affordability at record low
A seven-year decline in housing affordability to its lowest level on record has prompted the Housing Industry Association to call on the major political parties to commit to a national affordable housing policy.
17 October Five secrets to beating mortgage fees
Mortgage repayments are hard enough for home-owners, so cutting the burden of bank fees is worthwhile.
10 October Lending figures highlight housing stress
Home lending data for August points shows why supply is not meeting housing demand and leading to increases in existing house prices and rents.
9 October High land cost deterring construction
Vacant residential land prices remain stubbornly high and continue to hamper new home activity, according to the latest Housing Industry Association-Australian Property Monitors Land Monitor Report.
5 October Tighter lending to follow US sub-prime crisis
Australian lenders here will undoubtedly review and stiffen their requirements for new customers as a result of the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US, according to the Housing Industry Association.
3 October Most investors favour residential property
Most professional investors favour residential property, according to a survey published today (3 October 2007).
3 October Rates stay on hold but trouble ahead
The Reserve Bank announced today (3 October 2007) that interest rates would remain on hold.
2 October Housing to play critical election role
Housing will play a critical role in the federal election, according to a study made public today (2 October 2007).