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November 2006 News Article
30 November Housing construction slows
Residential construction failed to grow at all in the September quarter as low affordability stifled hopes for a quick recovery for home building.
28 November ACT public housing arrears hits $2 million
Public housing tenants are $2 million behind in the rent.
27 November Still legs in property market
An interest rate fall in 2007 and rent rises make property an attractive option for investors, according to Wizard Home loans.
27 November Record for auction at Weston
A record auction price for the suburb of Weston was set at the weekend (25-26 November 2006).
22 November Poor housing affordability threatens economy
Poor housing affordability threatens the economy, according to the Property Council of Australia.
15 November Established houses the way to go
“Buy land, young man; they are not making any more of it,” Mark Twain is reported as saying.
13 November Home-loan pain as bad now as in high-interest 1980s
People are finding it as hard to repay their home loans now as it was in the late 1980s, when interest rates were at 17 per cent, compared to about 8 per cent now.
13 November Inflation to stay high, Reserve says
Inflation is likely to stay at the high end of the comfort zone, according to the Reserve Bank.
9 November New award for Canberra architect
A house designed by Canberra architect Ric Butt, of Strine Design, has won the Energy Efficient Housing Award at the 2006 HIA-CSR ACT and southern NSW housing awards.
8 November Interest rates go up
Interest rates are to go up by 0.25 per cent, the Reserve Bank announced today (8 Nov 06).
8 November ACT leading on home loans
The trend in the number of housing finance commitments made by Canberrans in September led the nation, providing further evidence of the strength of the ACT economy, according to Chief Minister Jon Stanhope.
6 November Look for the mini-boom
Half a dozen places in Australia are expected to have mini-booms in the next few years and smart investors can get in on the ground floor, according to this month’s Australian Property Investor magazine.
3 November Avoiding threats to power lines
Home-owners and tenants can be fined up to $1000 for allowing trees to grow to close to power lines, ActewAGL warned today (3 Nov 06) after yesterday’s storm in Canberra cut power to 3000 homes.
3 November Using property to get freedom from work
Australians can use property to earn just as good an income from doing nothing as they did from working nine to five, according to the November issue of Australian Property Investor magazine out today (3 November...
1 November Housing shortage fuels rent blow-out
Research and statistics over the past week (to 1 Nov 06) show it will be some time before the housing market gets back to equilibrium.