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June 2007 News Article
29 June Census results demand housing action
The first round of the 2006 Census results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has been released.
29 June Investors warned to pay closer attention
Those looking to invest need to take a closer look at investment schemes which are marketed as property investments, when they are in fact loans to developers, the Australian Direct Property Investment Association (ASPIA) has announced.
28 June National coalition calls for affordable housing focus
The national coalition of housing and community groups have called on the Government and Opposition to ensure housing affordability is high on their major policy commitments in the next Federal election.
28 June ALP plan to boost new-home ownership
The ALP is looking to help homebuyers by offering tax breaks to encourage investment in new housing for middle and low-income households.
27 June Tax-man targets property investors
Property investors will be the targets of this year’s tax checks by the Australian Taxation Office.
26 June Plan to cut home greenhouse emissions
Owners of 1.7 million homes would be offered rebates to install environmentally friendly hot water systems under a Housing Industry Association plan.
24 June Website rates home efficiency
If you would like to find out how efficient your home is, go to www.nabers.com.au.
24 June Household debt rising
Households are spending a record average of 11.9 per cent of their income on debt, according to figures released by the Reserve Bank recently.
22 June HIA says too few homes built in Australia
Despite an increase in housing commencements in the March quarter, the current level of unaffordable housing in Australia will prevent enough houses being built to meet demands, according to the Housing Industry Association’s Chief Economist, Harley...
22 June Housing commencement slump over
A 1.3 per cent rise in housing commencements in the March quarter is a sign that the slump in the housing industry has passed, according to Master Builders Australia.
20 June Heating advice for the coming colder months
As the colder months approach, home owners might be looking for cheap ways to heat their houses.
20 June Study ranks Australia’s unaffordable housing
Australian capital cities were among the most unaffordable in a study of housing affordability in urban markets in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and US.
19 June Land-tax relief for NSW home owners
NSW home owners were given good news following the announcement of a land tax reduction.
19 June PM rules out doubling buyers grant
Prime Minister, John Howard, has ruled out expanding the first-home buyers grant, despite pressure from Coalition MPs.
18 June Electricity bills to increase
The average Canberra household will pay an additional $170 each year in electricity from July 1, following a 16.7 per cent price increase for both domestic and small business customers.
18 June Lower income earners can crack the property market
People on low incomes looking to invest in property often see such an idea as one big struggle.
18 June Fixed-rate loop-hole not as flash as it used to be
Australians protecting themselves from future rate rises by taking out fixed-rate home loans will no longer have the luxury of low rates.
17 June Greens target housing affordability
The need for a more comprehensive approach to housing affordability was highlighted recently by NSW Greens MLC Sylvia Hale, Greens MLA Deb Foskey and ACT Senate candidate Kerrie Tucker.
15 June New green suburb for Canberra
Around 2000 sustainable homes are being developed for a new ‘green’ suburb in Canberra.
14 June Decrease in prospective NSW first-home buyers
An eight per cent decrease of prospective first-home buyers in NSW is cause for concern, according to the Sydney Chamber of Commerce.
14 June Early interest rate rise predicted
Financial markets have predicted the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point within 60 days.
13 June Sales up this month but still down on last year
New home sales posted a modest improvement in April but the level remains considerably lower than a year ago.
11 June Yes you can buy for under $300,000
Homebuyers and property investors read a lot about housing affordability and getting into the market is difficult.
8 June Finance for new homes plummets
Lending for the construction of new dwellings in the ACT is almost a third lower than at the same time last year, according to figures released today (8 June 2007).
6 June Interest rates stay on hold
Interest rates will stay on hold, the Reserve Bank announced today (6 June 2007).
6 June Tips to cut electricity bills
ActewAGL suggests:
5 June ACT Budget gives no relief
Nearly every state and territory has cut land tax and or stamp duty in the past year, except the ACT.