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Street Information for Magrath Street in Kellyville (NSW 2155)

Properties in Magrath Street, Kellyville (NSW 2155)

Other Streets in Kellyville (NSW 2155)

Abernathy Court
Acres Road
Affleck Circuit
Alessandra Drive
Alistair Place
Allison Place
Alsace Place
Amy Hawkins Circuit
Andrews Grove
Annabelle Crescent
Antrim Place
Applegum Crescent
Ardley Avenue
Armbruster Avenue
Arnold Avenue
Aruma Avenue
Ashburton Court
Austen Place
Ava Place
Avignon Place
Avril Court
Ballymena Way
Balmoral Road
Barden Way
Barry Road
Barwick Street
Bel Air Drive
Belford Avenue
Bellerive Avenue
Benalla Avenue
Bentley Avenue
Bindaree Place
Bindon Place
Blackthorn Place
Bligh Place
Blinkhorn Circuit
Blue Bell Circuit
Blue Wren Way
Blundell Circuit
Bond Place
Botanical Drive
Bottle Brush Avenue
Bowness Court
Brady Place
Braekell Place
Braemar Avenue
Brampton Drive
Brandon Grove
Brayden Way
Bresnihan Avenue
Briana Court
Bridget Place
Brodrick Boulevard
Broughton Court
Bruce Place
Bruhn Circuit
Brunner Court
Buckeridge Place
Burns Road
Bush Paddock Avenue
Bushview Drive
Butler Avenue
Byfield Avenue
Calabrese Way
Caladenia Place
Callander Place
Cameo Place
Carberry Court
Cardell Road
Carisbrook Street
Carlisle Crescent
Carmelo Court
Cassidy Place
Castlefern Court
Catalina Place
Cathay Place
Cattai Creek Drive
Cayden Avenue
Cedar Cutters Way
Celebration Drive
Celia Road
Chalet Road
Chateau Close
Chesterton Avenue
Chestnut Grove
Christine Court
Churchill Way
Cigolini Place
Clovelly Circuit
Clues Road
Cobblers Close
Cocoparra Circuit
Coleman Court
Colonial Street
Connaught Circuit
Connelly Way
Coorong Road
Coral Crescent
Cormack Circuit
Cornelius Place
Corsica Way
Cottage Point Road
Country Club Circuit
Craigmore Drive
Crean Street
Crestview Avenue
Crystal Place
Cullen Street
Cumbelege Lane
Cumberlege Lane
Cunningham Parade
Curtis Road
Cuthbert Avenue
Daffodil Crescent
Daintree Place
Dairy Farm Way
Deepwater Circuit
Delphinium Place
Delphinium Way
Dempsey Crescent
Diana Avenue
Dorrigo Road
Driver Street
Dryander Avenue
Dunbar Place
Duncraig Drive
Dunn Way
Dunross Place
Dwyer Street
Edgbaston Road
Edgewater Drive
Elgin Way
Ellerstone Court
Emily Clarke Drive
Erinleigh Court
Evergreen Way
Exbury Road
Expedition Street
Fairway Drive
Falkirk Court
Fantail Place
Farmhouse Avenue
Farnsworth Road
Fenwick Close
Ferncreek Court
Fintry Court
Fitzroy Place
Flannan Court
Flegg Street
Flint Place
Florence Avenue
Flynn Avenue
Fortune Grove
Foxall Road
Fox Creek Circuit
Frasca Place
Fraser Avenue
Free Settlers Drive
Friendship Avenue
Friesian Avenue
Fulton Place
Gabba Street
Gainsford Drive
Galvin Avenue
Garnet Place
Garrawilla Avenue
Gasnier Avenue
Gasnier Drive
Geewan Avenue
Georgia Terrace
Glenhaven Road
Glenrowan Avenue
Golden Grove Avenue
Gormon Avenue
Gould Avenue
Grace Crescent
Graydon Way
Green Road
Greenwich Place
Greenwood Road
Gretta Place
Greyfriar Place
Grieve Avenue
Gum Nut Close
Gungarten Close
Gurner Place
Halcyon Avenue
Half Penny Avenue
Halloway Boulevard
Hannah Avenue
Hardcastle Street
Harley Place
Harper Place
Harrington Avenue
Harrison Close
Harry Gilbank Way
Hartigan Avenue
Hart Place
Hawick Court
Hayes Avenue
Headingley Avenue
Heath Road
Hebe Place
Hector Court
Hennesey Way
Hermitage Avenue
Hezlett Road
Hibbertia Grove
Hickson Avenue
Highbury Road
Highgate Circuit
Hillas Avenue
Hillview Road
Hipwell Avenue
Hodder Street
Hodges Road
Holman Street
Honeymyrtle Road
Honeysuckle Place
Horan Road
Horatio Avenue
Horizons Place
Housman Avenue
Hovell Way
Hutchison Avenue
Ikara Avenue
Indalia Street
Indalla Crescent
Indigo Avenue
Ironbark Ridge Road
Jack McNamee Place
Jack Peel Circuit
Jackson Place
Jadine Avenue
James Green Close
James Mileham Drive
Janamba Avenue
Janan Close
Jerilderie Avenue
John Albert Close
John Hillas Avenue
John Tibbett Way
Jonquil Parade
Jordan Place
Jorja Place
Julian Close
Jupiter Road
Kakadu Street
Karinya Place
Kendall Place
Kezar Road
Kimber Crescent
Kinaldy Crescent
Kinarra Avenue
Kingdom Place
Kings Road
Kinnard Way
Kinsella Court
Kirkcaldy Circuit
Koala Place
Kristy Court
Kumbatine Crescent
Lamont Close
Landy Place
Langford Smith Close
Langholm Court
Laughton Crescent
Laura Street
Lavender Avenue
La Vista Grove
Lewis Jones Drive
Liberty Way
Litchfield Avenue
London Court
Longley Place
Loree Terrace
Lowan Place
Lucas Circuit
Lumsden Avenue
Luwasa Place
Lycett Avenue
Macquarie Avenue
Madison Place
Maeve Avenue
Malonga Avenue
Manderlay Close
Mansfield Way
Mapleton Avenue
Mardi Court
Marella Avenue
Marjorie Place
Marsden Avenue
Martens Circuit
Mawarra Crescent
Mayfair Avenue
McCarthy Street
McCausland Place
McManus Street
Meadow Place
Mediati Avenue
Medoc Court
Memorial Avenue
Meredith Avenue
Messenger Street
Miami Street
Millcroft Way
Minorca Avenue
Molise Avenue
Monaco Avenue
Monet Court
Morris Grove
Mossop Way
Mundurra Place
Mungerie Road
Mungo Road
Murrayfield Avenue
Myles Crescent
Neiwand Avenue
Newbury Avenue
New Holland Drive
Northwest Transitway
Oak Tree Grove
Oakwood Place
O'Grady Place
Old Windsor Road
Olivia Close
Opperman Drive
Orleans Way
O'Sullivan Place
Oxlade Street
Pannu Place
Paramount Crescent
Park Ridge Circuit
Patterson Avenue
Patya Circuit
Pellizzer Boulevard
Pennybright Place
Perkins Drive
Perseus Circuit
Philippa Court
Poole Road
Praha Place
Prentice Avenue
President Road
Princess Avenue
Proteus Place
Pryce Court
Pupple Street
Putters Lane
Queensbury Avenue
Radcliffe Place
Radisson Place
Rathmore Court
Ravensbourne Avenue
Raymond Court
Redden Drive
Regent Honeyeater Grove
Rhodes Place
Rialto Place
River Oak Circuit
Rocks Street
Rodwell Place
Rooke Court
Rosebery Road
Rosenfeld Avenue
Rosetta Crescent
Roseville Close
Ross Place
Ruby Court
Rutherford Avenue
Saliba Close
Sally Place
Samantha Riley Drive
Sanctuary Drive
Sandlands Street
Sandstock Way
Sarabah Street
Saunders Avenue
Sayers Avenue
Seath Street
Sentinel Avenue
Serene Place
Severn Vale Drive
Seymour Way
Sheila Place
Sirrius Close
Skye Court
Softwood Avenue
Sorrento Court
Springbrook Boulevard
Spring Road
Spurway Drive
St Pauls Avenue
Strachan Court
Strathfillan Way
Stringer Road
Stynes Avenue
Success Avenue
Sunnyholt Road
Sunrise Place
Supply Court
Sussex Road
Swann Place
Swift Parrot Close
Taggert Way
Tallaganda Street
Tamarin Court
Tanners Way
Taringa Avenue
Tarong Avenue
Tarrilli Place
Terrie Place
The Vintage
Thomas Boulton Circuit
Thorogood Boulevard
Tibbett Place
Timbarra Avenue
Tom Scanlon Close
Treeland Circuit
Tremain Avenue
Trinity Avenue
Tuscan Avenue
Twickenham Avenue
Underhill Street
Valenti Crescent
Vale Street
Valleyview Place
Vantage Crescent
Vernonia Avenue
Vivaldi Place
Waddell Road
Wakefield Rise
Walker Avenue
Wanderers Way
Water Creek Boulevard
Wattleridge Crescent
Welford Circuit
Wellgate Avenue
Wellington Avenue
Wembley Avenue
Wenden Avenue
White Gum Place
Whitley Avenue
Wickham Boulevard
Wildflower Place
Wildrose Street
Wilkins Avenue
Willandra Crescent
Willaroo Avenue
Willcox Crescent
Windon Avenue
Windsor Road
Winter Avenue
Withers Road
Woko Street
Womboyne Avenue
Woodside Avenue
Woodstream Crescent
Wrights Road
York Road
Zachary Place
Zanith Way

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