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Pakenham (VIC 3810) Suburb Information

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Sales History for Pakenham (VIC 3810)

Yearly Sales Information

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Streets in Pakenham (VIC 3810)

Abbey Lane
Aberdeen Heights
Abrehart Road
Acacia Court
Acorn Lane
Acre Court
Adam Court
Adrian Drive
Adriatic Way
Age Place
Ahern Road
Airedale Way
Akuma Close
Alapont Close
Albany Crescent
Albatross Drive
Albert Circle
Albert Circuit
Albyn Close
Algerd Way
Alison Close
Allan Close
Almond Grove
Alpine Place
Altitude Way
Amanda Court
Amberley Drive
Ambrosia Avenue
Amy Close
Anderson Street
Andre Lane
Andrew Court
Angus Court
Angus Lane
Anita Place
Anna Court
Ann Crescent
Annecy Lane
Apollo Circle
Aqua Court
Arbour Rise
Arden Avenue
Arena Parade
Argyle Court
Arlington Avenue
Armidale Drive
Army Road
Army Settlement Road
Arthur Phillip Drive
Ascot Court
Ascot Park Drive
Ash Crescent
Ashford Drive
Ashton Place
Ashwood Grove
Atkins Road
Atlantic Drive
Audley Street
Aurora Court
Auto Way
Avoca Place
Avon River Way
Ayesha Rise
Ayr Court
Azalea Avenue
Azola Drive
Azure Court
Bailey Place
Balaton Drive
Bald Hill Road
Balmoral Way
Baltaser Court
Baltaser Drive
Bambi Place
Banjo Paterson Drive
Banksia Grove
Banks Road
Barbara Court
Barcoo Mews
Barr Court
Barrington Drive
Barwon Drive
Bastow Close
Bate Close
Bathe Road
Bavaria Lane
Bay Vista
Beaumont Court
Beech Street
Bella Vista Crescent
Bellbird Close
Belmont Crescent
Belvedere Close
Belvedere Drive
Benambra Close
Ben Cairn Mews
Ben Drive
Benor Court
Bentley Court
Berglund Road
Berkley Street
Betty Lane
Bevan Court
Bianca Court
Bilby Court
Bimberi Lane
Bintara Street
Birch Court
Bittern Link
Blackmore Close
Blackwood Drive
Bligh Boulevard
Blue Bell Court
Bluegrass Crescent
Blue Gum Court
Bluehills Boulevard
Blue Horizons Way
Bluestone Street
Bohemia Crescent
Bonneville Parade
Booth Place
Bormar Drive
Botanic Drive
Botany Way
Botham Crescent
Bourke Road
Bracelet Street
Breyleigh Drive
Bridge Road
Bridle Place
Britton Drive
Broadbent Way
Broadhurst Road
Brolga Close
Bronzewing Street
Brooke Court
Brown Road
Bruce Court
Buchan Green
Burdekin Lane
Bysouth Court
Caitlin Drive
Camdolle Close
Camelia Way
Cameron Way
Campbell Street
Candle Bark Court
Cann Court
Cantle Close
Canty Lane
Capital Avenue
Capri Court
Cardinia-Princes In Ramp On
Cardinia-Princes Out Ramp On
Cardinia Road
Carey Crescent
Carlyle Street
Carmart Way
Carne Road
Carney Court
Caropepe Avenue
Carpenter Road
Carrington Drive
Carroll Lane
Carroll Walk
Cascade Way
Casey Court
Caspian Chase
Cassinia Link
Cassowary Avenue
Cathedral Close
Catherine Place
Cato Way
Caversham Drive
Cedar Lane
Celebration Circuit
Cemetery Road
Central Avenue
Centre Road
Cerreto Mews
Chandra Close
Charles Street
Charles Sturt Place
Charlotte Pass
Charolais Court
Chelan Court
Cherry Blossom Chase
Chestnut Chase
Christie Court
Christopher Close
Cider Link
Cinnamon Link
Claire Close
Clairwood Avenue
Clarendon Street
Clearwater Drive
Clifford Drive
Close Court
Cloverly Place
Clubhouse Drive
Cobalt Court
Cobram Court
Cockatoo Road
Cohens Way
Colonial Way
Commercial Drive
Como Chase
Conrad Court
Constance Way
Cook Drive
Coop Road
Corinna Way
Cormorant Parade
Cornflower Street
Corporate Terrace
Corymbia Promenade
Cottage Link
Cowen Close
Creekbank Views
Creekview Avenue
Creekwood Avenue
Cremin Drive
Crystal Street
Cumberland Drive
Cunningham Crescent
Currawong Crescent
Cutter Street
Cuttler Street
Cyprus Place
Dallas Brooks Place
Dalmor Court
Dame Pattie Avenue
Damien Court
Damon Street
Daniel Court
Daphne Court
Darvell Court
Darwin Way
Davidson Street
David Street
Day Lilly Court
Dealbata Lane
Debra Avenue
Deed Drive
Deep Creek Road
Delacour Crescent
De Leon Avenue
Delft Place
Delphinium Road
Dennis Avenue
Derby Lane
Derwent Walk
Deveney Street
Devine Drive
Devonia Street
Diane Close
Dianella Close
Discovery Street
Diston Court
Dobell Street
Dobson Court
Doherty Street
Donday Court
Doonie Way
Dore Road
Dove Court
Dowd Court
Downing Square
Drake Place
Dream Court
Drovers Place
Drysdale Street
Dudley Mews
Duff Lane
Dugan Court
Dunbarton Drive
Duncan Drive
Dundee Court
Dusseldorp Avenue
Dutton Place
Eagle Drive
Earhart Street
Earl Court
Earle Close
Ebony Drive
Edan Court
Eddie Barron Terrace
Edenbrook Circuit
Edgeware Close
Edith Way
Edmund Street
Egret Way
Eighth Avenue
Eildon Street
Elderberry Way
Eleanor Court
Elfin Way
Elizabeth Court
Eliza Heights
Elk Walk
Elrona Court
Elwood Avenue
Embling Street
Embrey Court
Emerald Court
Emily Close
Emu Walk
Enterprise Road
Eskdale Court
Eventide Rise
Everly Circuit
Exchange Drive
Export Drive
Eyre Place
Fable Grove
Fairchild Place
Fairway Court
Fairywren Street
Falcon Place
Fallingwater Drive
Fantail Lane
Farmdale Road
Farrell Court
Federation Court
Field Street
Fifth Avenue
Finch Court
Finton Court
Fiona Place
First Avenue
Fitzroy Street
Five Mile Road
Flax Place
Fleming Terrace
Flinders Chase
Florida Avenue
Flower Street
Fourth Avenue
Freeman Drive
Frere Close
Frogmores Street
Funston Court
Furlong Lane
Gallery Way
Galway Rise
Gardenia Street
Gardiner Street
Garland Street
Gateway Avenue
Genoa Grove
Gerard Court
Gertrude Lane
Gibb Court
Gillian Place
Gilmore Street
Glenayr Retreat
Glenda Court
Glenvista Road
Glover Close
Gobbo Place
Godfrey Lane
Goldcare Boulevard
Golden Green Street
Gold Street
Gordon Road
Gorham Street
Goshawk Drive
Goulburn Place
Graham Court
Grand Central Boulevard
Grandvue Boulevard
Granya Grove
Grattan Way
Greaves Court
Greendale Boulevard
Greenfield Lane
Greenhills Road
Green Orchid Circuit
Greenway Drive
Gregory Court
Greta Court
Grevillea Place
Grice Quadrant
Griffin Street
Griffith Mews
Growler Street
Guest Road
Gullquist Way
Gum Place
Gus Court
Haakman Way
Hale Place
Half Moon Crescent
Hamish Avenue
Hampstead Street
Hanley Court
Harlesden Circuit
Harmony Court
Harness Place
Harold Street
Harris Court
Harrison Way
Hartland Circuit
Hatfield Road
Havana Parade
Hawk Avenue
Hayden Grove
Hayes Court
Hebe Lane
Heidi Court
Hein Road
Hennessy Street
Henry Lawson Drive
Henry Road
Henry Street
Henty Street
Henty Way
Herbert Street
Heritage Boulevard
Heron Close
Highgrove Drive
Highland Drive
Highview Court
Hillrise Court
Hill Street
Hogan Court
Holt Place
Homestead Court
Honeyeater Way
Honeysuckle Close
Hood Place
Hopkins Pass
Horne Court
Hosking Court
Hound Court
Howey Road
Howitt Place
Howqua Place
Hull Crescent
Hume Court
Hunter Lane
Huron Parkway
Huxtable Road
Ibis Close
Idun Lane
Illawarra Way
Industrial Drive
Inspiration Circuit
Inspiration Circuit
Inverness Close
Iris Place
Ironbark Circuit
Irving Road
Isaac Court
Isabel Street
Ivory Drive
Ivy Leaf Road
Jacaranda Way
Jacobs Court
Jacqueline Place
Jake Way
James Street
Jamie Court
Jamieson Court
Janet Court
Jan Maree Court
Jardine Court
Jarrah Court
Jarrod Drive
Jasmine Court
Jason Lane
Jazz Court
Jennifer Court
Johanna Court
Johnsons Place
John Street
Jonathan Place
Joseph Banks Drive
Joseph Court
Joy Mews
Juliet Gardens
Justin Place
Juventa Lane
Kara Court
Karawun Walk
Kate Court
Kathryn Close
Katjusha Court
Keating Street
Kelly Court
Kennedy Road
Kenneth Road
Kerr Close
Key Lane
Kham Court
Kilburn Place
Killarney Crescent
Kimberley Grove
Kingfisher Court
Kingsbury Place
Kingsdale Crescent
Kingston Avenue
King Street
Kinkora Way
Kinross Court
Kinsella Court
Kirra Court
Koo Wee Rup-Princes In Ramp Off
Koo Wee Rup-Princes In Ramp On
Koo Wee Rup-Princes Out Ramp On
Koo Wee Rup Road
Kosta Boda Boulevard
Kraft Court
Kristina Court
Kylie Court
Lachlan Court
Lakeside Boulevard
Lakeside Link
Landers Drive
Landy Circuit
Langley Link
Langley Way
Larmour Road
Latrobe Avenue
Laurel Lane
Lauren Square
Laurina Link
Lavender Avenue
Lavit Lane
Lawrence Close
Lecky Road
Lehmann Grove
Leicester Square
Leigh Drive
Leightons Green
Leonard Court
Leon Way
Leppitt Road
Licodia Drive
Lilliput Lane
Lima Place
Lindley Terrace
Link Road
Lisa Avenue
Livestock Way
Livingstone Boulevard
Lobelia Street
Lomandra Court
Lorikeet Court
Lorraine Court
Lotus Street
Loxton Way
Loz Court
Luca Place
Lucerne Circuit
Lugano Walk
Lyle Blue Court
Lyrebird Avenue
Mabon Lane
Macadamia Street
Macalister Place
Mackellar Street
Macquarie Circuit
Maggiore Crescent
Mahogany Court
Main Street
Malcolm Court
Mallee Circuit
Malouf Court
Manna Gum Drive
Manning Court
Manor View
Maor Drive
Maple Link
Margitta Lane
Maria Crescent
Marisa Place
Mark Place
Marley Way
Marquis Court
Marson Court
Martingale Place
Martin Place
Mary Street
Mason Mews
Matthews Court
Mauve Street
Maya Street
McAuley Avenue
McCaffery Rise
McClenaghan Place
McCubbin Avenue
McDonalds Drain Road
McDonalds Drain Road East
McDonalds Drain Road West
McGarvie Crescent
McGill Court
McGregor-Princes In Ramp On
McGregor Road
McInnes Court
McKenna Place
McLeish Terrace
McMaster Court
McNamara Court
Meaby Drive
Meeking Drive
Mega Rise
Melaleuca Place
Melissa Way
Melrose Street
Mia Drive
Michael Street
Michigan Grange
Mikasa Place
Mikkell Court
Mill Street
Mirabelle Street
Mitchell Close
Montalto Drive
Montclaire Court
Moore Mews
Morgan Way
Moroka Green
Morrison Road
Mountford Rise
Mount Shamrock Road
Mulcahy Road
Mullane Road
Murchison Link
Murphy Road
Murray Avenue
Muscari Drive
Myrtle Walk
Nabilla Court
Naomi Street
Naples Way
Natanya Drive
Nathan Court
National Avenue
Nepeta Way
Neverland Boulevard
Nicholas Court
Nicola Court
Norris Road
Oaklands Way
Oaks Lane
Oaktree Drive
Oakview Lane
Obrien Parade
Ocean Bend
Officer Road
Ohara Drive
Oisin Lane
Old Gembrook Road
Olivia Court
Olympic Way
Ontario Drive
Orchard Valley Avenue
Osborn Grove
Oshannessy Street
Oskar Court
Osprey Court
Osullivan Street
Otway Place
Outlook Crescent
Outlook Drive
Overland Rise
Owen Court
Oxley Drive
Pacific Promenade
Paddington Walk
Page Close
Pakenham Road
Palm Court
Paperbark Drive
Paramount Way
Pargeter Court
Park Boulevard
Park Orchard Drive
Parman Avenue
Parmentier Way
Pashanger Court
Pashia Grove
Pater Way
Paxton Link
Peck Road
Peet Street
Pegasus Street
Pelican Place
Penarie Place
Pendula Place
Perry Court
Persimmon Lane
Peter Court
Petrel Circuit
Philip Court
Phoenix Way
Pinehill Drive
Pine Way
Pinnacle Drive
Pinnacle Way
Pioneers Crescent
Pipit Close
Platt Close
Plover Street
Pohlman Close
Pointer Drive
Pomegranate Way
Pommel Street
Portland Road
Portobello Road
Port Street
Possum Place
Powell Place
Pownceby Court
Princes Freeway
Princes Highway
Princes In-Cardinia Ramp Off
Princes In-Koo Wee Rup Ramp Off
Princes Out-Cardinia Ramp Off
Princes Out-Koo Wee Rup Ramp Off
Princes Out-McGregor Ramp Off
Priscilla Place
Purton Road
Pyrus Court
Quirk Road
Racecourse Road
Racecourse Road North
Rachael Court
Radiata Circuit
Rae Court
Railway Avenue
Ralron Court
Ramel Way
Ramona Way
Ramsay Close
Rapid Way
Raven Court
Rays Way
Rebecca Court
Redcherry Court
Redfern Way
Red Gum Circuit
Reidel Avenue
Renam Street
Renlik Court
Reynolds Road
Richard Court
Riddell Grove
Ridge Place
Riley Court
River Red Grove
Riviera Drive
Roberts Place
Robin Court
Rockford Street
Rogers Street
Romina Street
Ronald Court
Ronit Court
Rosalie Court
Rosella Avenue
Rossetti Court
Rossi Close
Roy Ross Court
Rundell Way
Ryan Road
Sacha Drive
Salisbury Road
Salvia Avenue
Samchelle Place
Sandalwood Drive
Sandpiper Close
Sapphire Crescent
Sarton Link
Sassafras Close
Savage Street
Scarlet Crescent
Schlaer Drive
Scordia Place
Second Avenue
Sepal Lane
Serene Court
Serenity Street
Sette Circuit
Settlers Court
Settlers Hill Rise
Seventh Avenue
Seville Street
Seymour Road
Shangrila Way
Sharnet Circuit
Shearers Court
Shearwater Drive
Sheffield Close
Sheoak Court
Sherriff Rise
Shetland Court
Shirley Street
Short Lane
Sidney Nolan Place
Sienna Way
Silky Oak Street
Silver Gum Drive
Silverwood Circuit
Simon Drive
Sinclair Walk
Sir Phillip Court
Sir Thomas Drive
Sixth Avenue
Skyline Drive
Slattery Place
Smethurst Avenue
Snodgrass Street
Snow Gum Court
Solid Drive
Southeast Boulevard
South Road
Spaniel Lane
Spencer Place
Spinebill Court
Spring Circuit
Stable Street
Stanhope Place
Stanton Court
Station Street
Stefan Court
Stella Place
Stephenson Street
Stirrup Court
St Leonard Way
St Martin Way
Stockmans Circuit
Stokes Green
Stonebridge Lane
Storey Drive
Streeton Court
Strickland Court
Stringy Bark Circuit
Studd Road
Summerhill Boardwalk
Summerhill Drive
Summit Avenue
Sundew Crescent
Sunline Terrace
Sun Orchid Drive
Superior Waters
Suzanne Court
Swamp Gum Close
Swan Street
Sweet Gum Court
Sweet Pea Drive
Sykes Court
Syme Road
Tahoe Circuit
Talbot Drive
Tamar Street
Tambo Court
Tangelo Terrace
Tania Court
Taree Close
Tarmac Way
Tasman Way
Taunton Drive
Teal Place
Tea Tree Close
Telopia Lane
Templeton Crescent
Teressa Way
The Avenue
The Circuit
Thecla Way
The Entrance
The Glen
The Oaks
The Oaks Avenue
The Parkway
The Ridgeway
Thewlis Road
Third Avenue
Thomas Place
Thomas Street
Thornbill Circuit
Thwaites Road
Tiffany Close
Timmothy Close
Tipperary Circuit
Todd Lane
Tonia Court
Toomuc Valley Road
Toorang Court
Torre Road
Trade Place
Tranquil Way
Tranter Lane
Treloar Lane
Tribuzi Close
Tuala Way
Tuscany Rise
Twynam Place
Tyalla Way
Tyrell Place
Tyrone Avenue
Unicorn Street
Union Avenue
Valencia Lane
Vanessa Circuit
Vantage Drive
Vaughan Court
Veitch Court
Venture Way
Versace Court
Victoria Place
Victory Drive
Viewgrand Drive
Village Drive
Village Way
Villella Drive
Viola Avenue
Volta Lane
Wadsley Avenue
Wakenshaw Crescent
Wallangara Drive
Walnut Way
Walsh Court
Warbler Street
Waroona Court
Waterford Rise
Watergrass Court
Waterside Drive
Watson Road
Wattle Close
Watts Terrace
Webb Court
Webster Way
Wedgewood Drive
Weebill Way
Wells Street
Wembley Circuit
Wendy Way
Westwood Grove
Whipbird Court
White Lane
Whiteley Way
Wild Cherry Avenue
Willowbank Pocket
Willowtree Drive
Wills Avenue
Wilson Place
Windermere Boulevard
Winneke Way
Wisteria Court
Withers Court
Wonboyn Close
Woodbine Street
Woodbine Way
Worthington Boulevard
Wynen Court
Yarra Close
Yellow Gum Drive
Young Street
Zenith Street
Zurich Rise

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