ACTON South Perth & Victoria Park
ACTON South Perth & Victoria Park

ACTON South Perth & Victoria Park

2 Mint Street  East Victoria Park, WA 6101
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let’s play a game We want you to imagine everything you know about pushy, judgmental real estate agents. Got it? Now imagine a keyboard. And mentally press delete. Because behind all the suits, ties and dollar signs, auction hammers and sales banners, real estate is really about people and places. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Acton Victoria Park – and we’re not like the others. Whether it’s your first place or fifth place, our heart’s in the right place. looking out for no. 1 (that’s you) Have you noticed how most real estate agents come with ‘braggage’? It’s like they’re obsessed with being No. 1 for something (anything). “No. 1 for listings!” … “No. 1 for sales!” ... Sure, on the surface that sounds impressive, but really it’s just papering over some pretty ordinary priorities. Making a quick sale at any cost just to fill a trophy cabinet? Seriously? With Acton Victoria Park the only time you’ll hear us refer to No. 1 is when we’re talking about you. Less bragging about results, rankings and awards. More raving about your heart-warming stories. where to next? let's go there!  We all move home for different reasons. Growing families, new careers. Escaping the ties of high maintenance living, moving out of home, or simply chasing a fresh start. Wherever life finds you, we’re here to make sure you end up exactly where you want to be. And we won’t stop until you get there. After meeting up for a heart2heart chat, we’ll paint a picture of your story and needs, map out a plan unique to you, then go about making it happen. We’ll be with you the entire journey, from departing your current home, to finding your perfect new place, even organising a rental (if you need it). live local, love local As Victoria Park locals since 1996, we know what it means to love where you live. It’s chatting with neighbours over the fence. It’s embracing the vibe of buzzing street markets and community events. It’s living in a big old suburban house surrounded by shady trees and parks, all the while knowing Perth Arena is just a $12 Uber ride away. Some call us the “Eastern Suburb Specialists” (and we're happy to wear that badge), but what we really care about is using our local insights to help you realise your property impossibilities. surreal estate Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. And we’re here to prove the doubters wrong. When it comes to buying, selling or renting, the word can’t isn’t even in our vocabulary. Well, part of it is. You see, great things happen when you open your mind. It can open the door to first home ownership. Keep your sea change dream alive. Turn the tables on ‘market value’. We call it surreality. Ready to see what’s possible? our record creating marketing strategies We .don't just upload your home to the main real estate websites. That's what our competitors do. We go further. Much further... Instead, we promote your home to up to 25,000 people on a variety of social media platforms. Buyers outside your suburb. Buyers who we think are more likely to respond to your home type. Really, just MORE BUYERS!!! Watch the vdeo to find out how we recently achieved a new suburb record in East Victoria Park.

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ACTON South Perth & Victoria Park
ACTON South Perth & Victoria Park
2 Mint Street East Victoria Park WA 6101