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Renting out your property can be a complex process. Many owners will engage with a property manager with the knowledge and know how to get the best out of your rental experience, including listing on Allhomes.
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Frequently asked questions

We understand that it is a big step to rent out potentially one of your largest assets. If you are looking for assistance in the process, our advice would always be to speak to a few different property managers who have proven experience in your area and property type. No two property managers are the same and it pays to find one that fits with your needs and preferred work style.

A property manager is a registered individual, employed by an agency, who specialises in looking after rental properties for landlords. They can help owners maximise on their investment and their understanding of the local market is also hugely beneficial when it comes to any potential fluctuation that could affect your investment.

A property manager can assist with every step of the process including marketing your property on Allhomes, preparing the tenancy agreement, lodging and collecting bonds, inspections and other integral parts of the property management process.

Yes, you can always take full advantage of an agent marketing your property to help get you the results that suit your needs, and then manage the day to day requirements of the lease yourself. Although you can manage the property yourself, there are a lot of things to consider, like routine inspections, maintenance requests, and crisis management. We understand that you will have an emotional investment in your property as well as a financial one. A property manager will be able to objectively approach these tasks, and we recommend that if you decide to approach this yourself, that you objectively assess if you have the time and people skills to undertake everything involved.

If you are looking to proceed with a property manager, choosing the right one for you is an integral part of the process.

Our recommendation is to make sure you do your research by speaking to a few property managers and to pick one who understands your needs.

To help you in your journey, Allhomes has a list of some local agents here, many of which also can assist with property management. From the Find an Agent page you will be able to view contact details, current available rentals and other useful information that will help you make an informed decision.

Allhomes has a list of local property managers here to help you get started.

Allhomes prides itself on the data and analytics we provide to support both you and your agent throughout the entire rental process. Your selected agent will be able to access reports on how your listing is performing. From the number of views and enquiries, to the times your property has been saved or shared, it's all there to help you make the best decisions throughout your journey.

Most listings on Allhomes are eligible for a Domain Platinum listing completely free of charge, so your listing also gets national attention through Domain while still receiving local celebrity status on Allhomes. It really is the best of both worlds. Speak to your agent for more details.

We know that you and your property manager invest a lot of time preparing your property prior to listing, so when it's advertised it needs to get in front of as many people as possible as fast as possible.

After all, you wouldn't expect to sell any product in an empty room, and the same is true when it comes to marketing your property. Quite simply, the larger the audience the more people are seeing your property and that can translate into more enquiries, more people at inspections, more applications and a better overall possible final outcome.

At Allhomes we have an average of 890,0004 people visiting every month, that includes a lot of potential tenants.

Your marketing products really are the fuel in your property rental campaign. With a standard listing you of course get all the benefits of the Allhomes website and app audience, however, you can also give your listing a boost. This may include a combination of listing on Allhomes plus paid social media advertising, print, signs and flyers. We recommend discussing with your selected agent which products fit best to maximise results from the rental of your home.

If you feel confident in advertising your property yourself, Allhomes has options for rental, private sale and share listings. The cost of this listing will differ depending on your region. Your listing will be included in Allhomes search databases as well as accessible 24 hours a day.

Your listing page on Allhomes will allow you to display photographs, a description of your property as well as key features such as solar panels etc. Aside from this, you can display important information such as inspection details along with other documents such as your EER Report and floor plan.

Along with the information that you choose to display, there are many features automatically included in your listing that help showcase your property. These include areas such as block information, area mapping and other important information to help potential tenants navigate your page.

Your listing will remain on Allhomes until your property is rented or withdrawn. The first step of listing your rental privately is to set up your MyAllhomes account here.

If you need more advice, please contact our Support Team at

To read the full terms and conditions of listing privately on Allhomes, click here.

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