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Copas Newnham First National Real Estate

126 Margaret Street  Toowoomba, QLD 4350
Copas Newnham evolved from the amalgamation of two well known real estate offices. John Cay & Co was founded during the depression by Charles Newnham, John Cay and Leslie Sterling. The company survived the departure of Leslie Sterling, John Cays untimely death in 1941 and Charles Newnham enlistment in 1942. During the war years it was run by an all female staff until Charles' return in 1946. In 1947 Charles Newnham was joined by Stan Roberts, who had returned to Australia after a period of captivity with the Japanese, and the partnership Newnham & Roberts was formed, later to become the family company Newnham & Roberts Pty. Ltd. Graham Newnham, one of the current directors, joined the firm in 1963. Con. Copas & Co. commenced business in 1940, first trading as Con Copas & Co., and later changing to Con Copas & King when Arthur King joined the company. Con Copas had been actively engaged in the agency business since the early 1920's when the basic wage was around four pounds per week and a small bungalow could be bought for 450 - 525 pounds. Mr Con Copas died in September 1951 and Mr. Arthur King in November 1958. The business of Copas & King was carried on by Mr. Jack Copas who in 1973 sold the business to Bryan Menhinnitt and the company Copas & King Pty. Ltd. was formed. In 1979 the two firms joined but traded separately until 1980 when the company Copas Newnham Pty. Ltd. Came into being. In 1983 Copas Newnham joined the independent marketing group First National and became Copas Newnham First National. Bryan Menhinnitt retired in 1993 and Lyndal Bassingthwaighte became a partner. In October 2000 the large Residential Property Management Department became a separate company and Graham Newnham withdrew from this part of the business with Clare Ridgewell becoming a Director in the new company. In 2001 Copas Newnham First National joined the Jenman Group and started practicing real estate under the Jenman system. Now employing in excess of 30 people, Copas Newnham First National continue to offer progressive, professional service in keeping with its long history of commitment to Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. Graham, Lyndal and Clare are pledged to continually upgrade their service and progress with the same confidence the founders displayed over 60 years ago.

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