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44 East Street Nolan's Plaza Ipswich, QLD 4305
Over a decade ago, whilst working for a large independent agency and a franchised group and talking with homeowners I saw a gap in the market for a fixed fee model with no upfront advertising costs.Like any excited new business owner with a great idea I made a rookie mistake and assumed that based on those conversations people would just jump on board and embrace the concept.No, I wasn’t part of a large franchise group and yes in the beginning I did work out of the spare bedroom of my home, but not for one minute did I believe it was a barrier to achieving a great result for my clients and all for a fee that was fair. Boy was I wrong!I’m the first to admit that the initial years were an absolute roller coaster ride for me. I quickly learnt that convincing the very people I was trying to attract was not going to be easy and failure was, in the beginning very much a reality.Luckily there were homeowners who were prepared to take a leap of faith to test out a ‘challenger brand’ and from there Venus Realty grew.Fast forward to a new decade and Venus Realty is now East Street Real Estate located at Nolan’s Plaza in the Ipswich CBD.The level of interest for this type of independent boutique agency continues to grow, which confirms to me that more and more home owners are starting to question the traditional agents fees and charges.Of course, what we now have as opposed to 30 + years ago is amazing technology which provides sales agents with a myriad of opportunities to connect with buyers not just locally but globally. The growth of solo and independent agencies as well as fixed fee agencies is on the rise. Why? Because we’re able to offer a professional service for a sensible price. Great news for you the homeowner.So, when you’re ready to sell, give me a call, I’d love to hear from you.Debbie LeighOwner/PrincipalEast Street Real Estate

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