Fineeka Group Management

Fineeka Group Management

38-42 Bridge Street  Sydney, NSW 2000
 The Fineeka Group is a small, personable property management business, that put their clients first.  We have the advantage of being on site at Bridgeport Apartments every day, so our tenants needs are met immediately.  Our determination to provide excellent service in everything we do has been a driving force behind our success and achievements to date. It defines our style and performance in our local rental market.Directed by Bruce Cambell, The Fineeka Group has an excellent reputation for treating our clients with respect and courtesy is of the utmost importance. We take pride in our friendly and approachable manner and endeavour to help you enjoy the process of negotiating property and partnering your property to the right tenant. Our flexibility works to your advantage and we are always happy to further discuss your intentions, specific goals and conditions. This is the key to our continual growth and success for repeat business.

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Bruce Campbell
Shannon Campbell

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