Fletchers Glen Iris

Fletchers Glen Iris

1509 High St  Glen Iris, VIC 3146
Led by long-standing local resident Karl Fitch, the team at Fletchers Glen Iris consistently delivers exceptional customer service and achieves results above the expectations of their vendors. A sprawling, east/west suburb, Glen Iris is known for properties with large land areas and wide streets. Transport in the area is convenient, with train and tram services, as well as good road access to the city via the Monash Freeway. A number of shopping options are within easy reach of this vibrant suburb, close to Camberwell and Chadstone shopping centres. Quality schools are nearby and a network of local reserves and parklands makes real estate in Glen Iris always in high demand. You will not miss this thriving office, well positioned at the intersection of High Street and Malvern Road. Feel free to drop in and say hello!

Agents from Fletchers Glen Iris

Adrian Lieschke
Alexandra Wooffindin
Amy Ma
Annie Ching
Belinda Bisogno
Brooke Grealy

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