Jamie Loh Real Estate

Jamie Loh Real Estate

2/85 Forrest Street  Cottesloe, WA 6011
Jamie Loh Real Estate has been centrally located on Forrest Street, Cottesloe for the past 20 years. The company was founded in 1992. Jamie Loh was  previously Managing Director of Kempton Morrill Real Estate in Hampden Road, Nedlands for 22 years.   Jamie Loh Real Estate prides itself on being a close-knit company that provides exceptional service and achieves outstanding results for our clients.   Having our office located in Cottesloe, central to the prime river and ocean Western Suburbs along with strong representations from Subiaco to Fremantle we often successfully introduce purchasers from other areas that perhaps had not previously considered buying in a different suburb.   The company works together as a team not as individuals. Our combined experience spans over 100 years in Real Estate. However, while working as a team it is essential that one person takes control and responsibility for the marketing and sale of a particular property.   We specialise in the sale and leasing of quality homes, land subdivisions and development sites in prime areas.   We take pride in our past achievements and look forward to a continuing tradition of service to our new clients.   Jamie Loh Real Estate is well known and respected in the Real Estate industry in prime ocean front and riverside locations and surrounding suburbs. This reputation has been achieved by prompt, efficient service and the high standards of ethics and professionalism the company adopts and maintains.   Due to our high level of activity in a wide cross section of the Perth metropolitan real estate marketplace we receive a constant level of purchaser enquiries and are thus able to maintain, at all times, a data base of purchasers of known financial resources.

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