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Keys Realty

3/13 Tedder Avenue  Main Beach, QLD 4217
BE GUIDED TO YOUR DREAM PROPERTY It’s a big decision, financially and emotionally. Do you go for the fixer-upper or the fixed-up? The new development or the established home? What is best for your family, and where will you be happiest? What is the best investment for your portfolio? Whatever the questions on your mind, buying a property, to call home or as an investment, is an important, and tough, choice. With so many options out there, it can also be one which seems impossible to make. That’s where Keys Realty can really help. For 30 years, the Keys Realty team have guided home-buyers through the maze of options to the place which is best for them. Experts in the up-market Main Beach area, they have dealt with thousands of people who want to take the next step on the property ladder, and take pleasure and pride in seeing people make the right choices. Visit the office, meet the experienced, friendly team and it will be clear that these are the people who can confidently assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for. Keys Realty has a staff trained to discuss options with the seasoned investment buyer as well as those venturing into the property game for the very first time, and who take pleasure in doing so. So whether you are looking for a house, apartment, unit or condo in beautiful Main Beach and the stunning surrounding areas, contact us and you can be assured of finding the best deal around.

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