Kingscoin Real Estate

Level 1 /241 Rundle St  Adelaide, SA 5000
KingsCoin specialises in providing property management, sales, investment advice, development opportunities and arranging syndicates and joint ventures for investors, developers and builders.Our company focuses on wealth generation for our investors over the short and long term. A good investment provides immediate equity to facilitate the next investment.With over 20 years experience, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise.We believe in people. We believe in old-fashioned values. We believe in property.To help our customers over the long term with wise investment in property that will lead to a valuable asset portfolio and a large passive income. We manage our client’s property with the understanding of both the tenant and landlords needs, which sometimes are conflicting. Therefore the property is well maintained, rents are paid on time, vacancy rates are minimal and clients are well informed.If you would like advice on selling, investing, developing or property management, give me a call to discuss.

Agents from Kingscoin Real Estate

John Higginson