Lin Andrews Real Estate

Lin Andrews Real Estate

237-239 South Road  Mile End, SA 5031
LIN ANDREWS REAL ESTATE IS A SOUTH AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESS THAT HAS RUN SUCCESSFULLY FOR IN EXCESS OF 40 YEARS, SPECIALISING IN:RESIDENTIAL SALESCOMMERCIAL SALES RESIDENTIAL LEASING COMMERCIAL LEASING RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  The Lin Andrews group comprises several private companies and trusts answering to the same composite Board of Directors. Lin Andrews Real Estate Pty Ltd is the corner-stone of the Lin Andrews Group. While each business has a different purpose and is legally responsible for its own activities, each submits to the ethos and values of the Lin Andrews Group. The VISION statement of the Group is, "To facilitate investment in property as a store of wealth and as a resource to enrich the lives of people." The VISION, MISSION AND VALUES statements are carefully supervised by the Group Board. There are thousands of people who enjoy residential and/or commercial accommodation in South Australia as a result of the activities of the Lin Andrews Group. Complementary to this are the thousands of people who are property investors in South Australia, with the Lin Andrews Group providing comprehensive property management, sales and leasing services. We are committed to striving for "WORLD BEST PRACTICE" in all we do, seeking to grow our staff and organisation through ongoing education and training.

Agents from Lin Andrews Real Estate

Carina Andrews
Celeste Dalton
Claire Britton
Deidre (Dee) Wood
Enza Belperio
Felicia Carli

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