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Linden Wise

Level 9, 120 Sussex Street  Sydney, NSW 2000
About us Linden Wise is a developing real estate firm dedicated in the development and investment aspect in the real estate industry. We primarily focus on the residential market and new investment projects; offering a variety of opportunities for buyers and investors, relative to the present market conditions. Linden Wise provides day-to-day co-ordination and evaluation of all of the activities involving the land, products, financing, construction, sales, marketing, delivery, and after sales management for each development. Linden Wise performs the services required by each project with diligence, efficiency, and enforce high quality standards. “Wise Home Wise Living” is what we believe and financial freedom is what we aim for our clients. Here at Linden Wise, you will experience our different but exceptional and intuitive method, aiding the purchasing process. Wise Team Our team of trusted real estate professionals have been bringing people and properties together for almost a decade. Over that time, the enthusiasm, market knowledge, negotiation skills, and integrity have earned the team great respect and trust from many of our clients. Our Wise Team is renowned for offering outstanding professional advice and obtaining exceptional results for the clients. Please contact us to discover the talent, experience, and dedication a Linden Wise real estate agent can offer you. Project Management For residential real estate projects involving development and management, Linden Wise provides complete strategic handling in order to guarantee efficiency of operations and to maximise the quality of the project as well as the profitability of the client’s investment. A thorough approach in researching is important for us to extrapolate the trends in the real estate market and to allow us to be more competitive. Up until now, Linden Wise has completed multiple projects independently or have partnered with internationally recognised developers. Wise Fund The Wise fund is a private equity real estate investment fund and is a fundamental resource for the development of Linden Wise Pty Ltd. Our partners are examining the same investment concepts for the continuing development and we welcome any foundations, trusts, and high net worth individuals to join us. Please consult us for more details. Wise APP Linden Wise has independently developed a mobile application and operational platform. The platform links all of our departments online; all information, including every transaction, can be updated instantly in a secured environment. This is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of all operations between our employees and clients. Our App “V-Home” is accessible in the Apple store or the Android System. The V-Home app makes it extremely easy for you to search and view new residential properties, new up-and-coming projects, and provides a useful financial calculator for your home loan. There is also a news alert function which updates all real estate trends in Australia. Wise Home Wise Living with V-Home. Wise Club The Wise Club is inviting all members to a property marketing seminar which includes networking with property investors. There are meetings which discuss various property investment topics: updates on the local property market, suburb profiling, and deals people are doing right now. You can hear from special guests such as developers, financiers, tradespeople, and more to help you expand your property investment knowledge. Come along to experience a friendly and fun networking environment – Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced investor you will always learn something new!

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