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Profile Group

244 Grenfell Street  Adelaide, SA 5000
Profile Real Estate is a group of like-minded real estate agents who have seized the opportunity to combine our energies and ideas, and share our collective skills to get better deals for our clients. Our team members have built up their knowledge and experience over more than two decades in Adelaide’s real estate scene. By remaining a small, tightknit team, we believe we have the right combination of skills, attitude and flexibility to offer you a level of service that is second to none, tailored to your precise needs.Each Profile Real Estate agent shares the same broad vision and common values, but we are not franchisees.  In fact, our structure encourages us to maintain our autonomy, developing business processes that suit our quirks and individual strengths. At the same time, we are able to bring our skills together to create a powerful, eclectic force to serve your real estate needs.This structure enables us to minimise costs and thus offer maximum value to you. At the same time we will always ensure that you have a dedicated agent who can draw on the team’s combined wisdom to seal the best deal for you. The structure works well for us, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our many long term clients makes us certain that it will work to your advantage.

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Carlo Tedesco
Cheryl Baxter
Damian Gledhill
David Miels
Ian Ford

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