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After years of being involved in real estate, I have been able to determine what sellers really want, but don’t often get from their Agent. It’s really very simple: Vendors want service, feedback, honesty and results. Selecting the right agent can be a stressful and confusing decision to make, so go back to the basics. What do you want and expect from your sales agent? If it’s service, feedback, honesty and results the obvious answer is ... you need sellbuyrent to represent you and your property. We can offer you years of experience, competitive fees, excellent marketing that  reaches prospective buyers across the globe and real dedication that sees your home being promoted all day, every day. If you are serious about selling your home, you want someone who is ready to work for you to ensure you sell in an efficient and effective manner.   

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Heidi Bourke
John Currell
Simone Garrat
Tayla Cook

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