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WHY Summit Business Brokers? Andrew wants to shake up an industry with a broken business model. After attempting to sell his small business and being forced to stump up massive upfront fees + monthly admin fees, he realised there was little incentive for the broker to work hard selling his business. The brokers had already been paid without doing any work. WHY?

Andrew decided to single-handedly change the industry. NO upfront fees and NO administration fees. Andrew believes his value lies in his ability to understand small business after 20 years in retail as an owner operator. Andrew hasn't come from a Real Estate background, although he has many years industry experience. This enables him to view your business from a small business perspective, not just a sales perspective. Andrew understands what buyers are looking for.

With no upfront fees, does this mean Andrew does not value his time as much as other brokers charging thousands in upfront fees? Far from it, however, Andrew wants business owners to recognise that he does not get paid if he cannot sell your business. What greater incentive could there possibly be to work tirelessly to get your business across the line?

Not sure if an interstate broker has the ability to sell your business from a distance. Because Andrew is based in Canberra, he will make every effort to thoroughly research every region for every business he lists. Technology theses days makes selling from afar, with the right broker, far more successful than listing locally with the wrong broker. Most importantly, Andrew believes you are the best asset in the business. Your intimate understanding of YOUR business will give you all of the ingredients needed to assist anyone interested in purchasing your business when they are ready to inspect. Even when selling locally, Andrew insists on the owners showing potential buyers through the business, it helps create an emotional tie.

With NO upfront fees and No administration fees, why settle for less?
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