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Stephen Bunday is certainly qualified to sell your home, with over 1,000 property sales in Canberra, including over 850 in Canberra's Inner-North and over 350 in Ainslie.

Stephen moved to Canberra from Perth, Western Australia, with his wife and young family in 1996. He immediately commenced work with LJ Hooker Dickson and after a very successful 18 months, Stephen was asked to manage the sales team.

In 2002, Stephen became a partner in LJ Hooker Dickson and his status was raised to that of Managing Director. Stephen was also instrumental in the founding and creation of LJ Hooker Canberra City, LJ Hooker Project Marketing, LJ Hooker Weston Creek, and LJ Hooker Woden, of which Stephen is a shareholder in all.

Stephen has been widely recognised for his sales prowess, re-qualifying for 20 consecutive years as a Captain's Club member and for the past 16 years running as a member of the Club's exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Chapter, meaning that he is in the top 5% of all LJ Hooker Sales Agents around the world.

When enlisting his services, you can expect the highest level of personalised attention and feedback from Stephen.

Stephen has been developing strong client relationships for over 21 years. Stephen continually embraces education and innovation so that he can continue to create high-end & unique property marketing and achieve premium results.

Stephen's is supported by a team of professionals at LJ Hooker Dickson, who maintains their excellent reputation by being the best in the real estate industry.

Stephen Bunday truly is a dedicated professional.

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