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    ACT Advanced Map Help

The allhomes.com.au ACT Advanced Mapping page allows you to find properties for sale and/or rental in the ACT. It also allows you to geographically browse block & section information and to overlay specialised information for ACT properties such as Unimproved Land Values.

Map Control

The ACT mapping page contains a graphical map on the left hand side, with some options for overlaying additional information on the right side. The graphical map can be navigated by "dragging" the map graphic with your mouse. That is, by clicking and holding down the button on your mouse you are able to move the displayable portion of the map (let go of the button when you are finished dragging).

There is also a "magnification control" on the top left of the map display which can be used to zoom the map in and out by clicking the "+"/"-" symbols, or by dragging the zoom bar up or down. Double-clicking your mouse button will also zoom into the part of the map that your mouse pointer in currently over.

The optional check boxes on the right side allow you to choose what overlay features (e.g. for sale properties) are to be displayed on the map.

Map View

There are three options for the Map View: Land Details; Aerial View; and, Both. The Land Details view will show basic road and suburb information. The Aerial View will show hi-resolution aerial photographic imagery of the Canberra region. The Both option will show both Land Details and Aerial View graphics as an overlay (at the same time).

Map Icons

Properties for sale and rent can be displayed on the map as red and grey house icons respectively. You will need to zoom into an area to see all of the properties for sale or rent in that part of the map (at high zoom levels not all listings are displayed).

Clicking on a sale or rental property icon will display a "pop-up" with basic details of the listing. To find more information you can follow the link provided in the pop-up to the full listing.

Feature Overlays

ACT advanced mapping is designed to allow the overlay of specialised information for properties in the Canberra region. An example information overlay is that of "Unimproved Land Values" which will shade properties according to the value of the land that they are on. This particular overlay will also display the dollar value of each block.

"Clicking on the map will" section

This section provides users with two modes of navigating the map:

  1. Zoom % Centre the Map, which allows users to zoom and center the map using a mouse.
  2. Display Block Information, which shows information about the block a user clicks on (provided the information about the block exists in our database), such as Block Area, UV, etc; and current listings if the property on the block is currently being sold or rented.

Locate a Suburb

Locate a Suburb section contains a link to a page that has all ACT suburbs names. The page provides an easy interface to locate suburbs on the map.