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Adelaide (SA 5000) Suburb Information

Sales History for Adelaide (SA 5000)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Adelaide (SA 5000)

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Streets in Adelaide (SA 5000)

Adams Lane
Ada Street
Addie Place
Adelaide Arcade
Adelaide Bridge
Adelaide Rifles Pathway
Advertiser Lane
Advertiser Place
Albert Lane
Albert Place
Albert Street
Alexandra Avenue
Alfred Street
Allen Place
Allens Place
Anderson Street
Andrew Street
Angas Court
Angas Street
Anglo Avenue
Ann Street
Anster Street
Anzac Highway
Apollo Place
Arrow Place
Arthur Place
Arthur Street
Artillery Lane
Athelney Avenue
Austin Street
Avoca Place
Avoca Street
Bailey Street
Balfours Way
Bank Road
Bank Street
Bartels Road
Bartels Street
Bartley Crescent
Bath Lane
Beaumont Road
Bentham Street
Bent Street
Bertram Street
Bewes Street
Birkin Street
Blackburn Street
Blenheim Street
Bloor Court
Blyth Street
Bonython Close
Botanic Lane
Botanic Road
Botanic Street
Bowen Street
Bray Street
Bubb Lane
Burnett Street
Byron Place
Cairns Street
California Street
California Street North
California Street South
Cambridge Street
Cannon Street
Capper Street
Cardwell Lane
Cardwell Street
Carrington Street
Castle Street
Catherine Helen Place
Catherine Helen Spence Street
Catherine Helen Street
Catholic Cemetery Road
Cavan Place
Cbs Court
Central Market
Central Market Arcade
Centrepoint Lane
Chancery Lane
Chapel Street
Chapman Court
Charles Street
Charles Street Plaza
Charlick Circuit
Charlotte Place
Charlotte Street
Chatham Street
Chesser Street
Chinner Avenue
Churchill Street
Cinema Place
Citi Centre Arcade
City Cross Arcade
Clarence Place
Clarendon Street
Clark Street
Claxton Street
Cleo Lane
Clifton Place
Clubhouse Lane
Club House Lane
Coglin Street
Colby Place
Collins Street
Compton Street
Conrad Lane
Considine Place
Cooke Terrace
Cordwainers Lane
Coromandel Place
Corryton Street
Crippen Place
Cromwell Alley
Cromwell Street
Crowther Street
Currie Street
Cypress Street
Da Costa Arcade
Daly Street
Darling Place
Davaar Place
Dawkins Place
Delhi Street
Dequetteville Terrace
Deviation Road
Devonshire Place
Dimora Court
Divett Place
Don Lane
Douglas Street
Downer Place
Draper Mews
Dukes Lane
Dulwich Avenue
Dumfries Place
East Terrace
Ebenezer Place
Eden Street
Edwards Place
Edward Street
Ehmckes Lane
Elizabeth Street
Eliza Street
Ely Place
Evans Place
Exchange Place
Farr Court
Faulkner Place
Featherstone Place
Fenn Place
Festival Drive
Field Street
First Street
Fisher Place
Flinders Off Street
Flinders Street
Flinders Street East
Florey Place
Fowlers Lane
Francis Street
Frankis Close
Franklin Street
Frederick Place
Frederick Street
Freemasons Lane
French Street
Frew Street
Frome Road
Frome Street
Fullarton Road
Gaol Road
Gawler Place
Gay's Arcade
Gays Arcade
Gays Arcade
George Court
George Parade
George Street
Gilbert Place
Gilbert Street
Gilles Arcade
Gilles Lane
Gilles Street
Gladstone Street
Gladstone Terrace
Glen Osmond Road
Glover Avenue
Goal Road
Goodenough Street
Goodwood Road
Gouger Street
Grace Place
Grant Avenue
Grattan Street
Gray Court
Gray Street
Greenhill Road
Grenfell Street
Gresham Place
Gresham Street
Grote Street
Gunson Street
Hackney Road
Halifax Mews
Halifax Street
Hall Court
Hallett Street
Halls Place
Hamilton Boulevard
Hamilton Place
Hamley Street
Harriett Street
Harvey Street
Heaslip Close
Henley Beach Ramp From Adelaide Ramp
Henley Beach Ramp To Adelaide Ramp
Henley Beach Road
Henry Street
Hewitt Avenue
Hindley Street
Hindmarsh Square
Hobsons Place
Hocking Court
Hocking Place
Holland Street
Howard Florey Street
Howard Lane
Howes Court
Hume Lane
Hume Street
Hurman Street
Hurtle Square
Hutt Road
Hutt Street
Hyde Street
Ifould Street
Imperial Place
Jaffrey Street
James Congdon Drive
James Lane
James Lane
James Place
James Street
Johns Lane
John Street
Jolleys Lane
Joslin Street
Kate Court
Kensington Road
Kenton Street
Kent Street
Kings Court
Kingston Street
King William Road
King William Street
Kintore Avenue
Kintore Street
Kither Road
Leigh Street
Liberman Close
Light Square
Light Terrace
Light Walk
Lindes Lane
Lindes Lane
Lindsay Court
Ling Place
Linnington Place
Liston Street
Little Angas Street
Little Flinders Street
Little Gilbert Street
Little King William Street
Little Rundle Street
Little Sturt Street
Little Wakefield Street
Liverpool Street
Livestrong Pathway
Logan Street
Louisa Street
Lower Southern Cross Arcade
Lowe Street
Manufactures Place
Maria Street
Marion Court
Marion Street
Market Plaza Arcade
Market Plaza Food Court
Market Street
Marlborough Street
Mary Street
Maud Street
Maxwell Street
McGregor Close
McHenry Street
McLaren Court
McLaren Street
Mellor Street
Millers Arcade
Millers Court
Mill Street
Mocatta Place
Moger Lane
Monck Lane
Montefiore Road
Montpelier Street
Moonta Street
Moore Street
Morgan Thomas Lane
Morialta Street
Morney Street
Morphett Road
Morphett Street
Morphett Street Bridge
Mudie Lane
Murrays Lane
Myers Lane
Myers Street
Naylor Street
Neales Place
Nelson Place
Nelson Street
Newmarket Street
Nielsen Lane
Nil Street
No Fixed Address Lane
Norman Street
North Street
North Terrace
Oakley Place
Oakley Street
Obrien Street
O'Brien Street
Ohalloran Lane
O'Halloran Lane
O'Halloran Place
Ohalloran Street
O'Halloran Street
Old Treasury Lane
Oliver Court
Osmond Street
Owen Street
Oxford Street
Palmerston Road
Parc Arcade
Park Lands
Park Lands Trail
Park Lane
Park Road
Parkstone Avenue
Park Terrace
Paxton's Walk
Paxtons Walk
Peacock Road
Peel Street
Penaluna Place
Penny Place
Percy Court
Petronella Lane
Philip Street
Phillips Street
Pinks Lane
Pirie Street
Pistrina Court
Pitt Street
Plane Tree Drive
Playhouse Lane
Pope Court
Pope Street
Porters Lane
Porter Street
Port Road
Post Office Lane
Post Office Place
Power Street
Prince Alfred Lane
Prince Court
Princess Court
Princess Street
Prospect Place
Pulteney Court
Pulteney Street
Queens Court
Queen Street
Railway Concourse
Railway Ramp
Railway Underpass
Ranelagh Alley
Ranelagh Street
Red Lane
Reeces Lane
Reeves Street
Regent Arcade
Regent North Street
Regent South Street
Regent Street
Regent Street
Regent Street North
Regent Street South
Register Lane
Register Street
Renaissance Arcade
Richardson Lane
Richmond Road
Richmond Street
Roberts Street
Roper Street
Rose Street
Rosina Street
Rowlands Place
Royal Avenue
Royal Place
Rundle Arcade
Rundle Mall
Rundle Road
Rundle Street
Russell Street
Ruthven Avenue
Rutland Place
Rutland Street
Sabiston Lane
Salisbury Street
Sanders Place
Sappers Lane
Saunders Lane
Savings Bank Place
Schrader Street
Second Street
Selby Street
Seymour Place
Shannon Place
Sir Donald Bradman Drive
Sir Donald Bradm Drive
Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue
Smith Street
Solomon Street
Southcott Walk
Southern Cross Arcade
South Terrace
Sparman Close
Spence Place
Spencer Street
Stafford Lane
Stafford Street
Stamford Court
Stamford Street
Station Arcade
Station Road
Stephens Place
Stephens Street
Stewart Place
St Helena Place
St John Lane
St John Street
St Lukes Place
Stockley Alley
Storr Street
Sturt Street
Sudholz Place
Sultram Place
Surflen Street
Swaine Avenue
Swift Avenue
Sydney Place
Sym Choon Lane
Symonds Place
Synagogue Place
Talbot Lane
Tam Oshanter Place
Tam O'Shanter Place
Tam-O-Shanter Place
Tapley Street
Tatham Street
Tavistock Lane
Taylors Lane
Tennant Court
Third Street
Thomas Street
Todd Place
Toms Court
Tomsey Court
Tomsey Lane
Tomsey Street
Topham Mall
Trades Hall Lane
Trenerry Court
Tucker Street
Tudor Street
Twin Plaza Arcade
Twin Street
Union Road
Union Street
Unley Road
Vailima Court
Vardon Avenue
Vaughan Place
Veale Lane
Vicars Lane
Victoria Bridge
Victoria Drive
Victoria Lane
Victoria Place
Victoria Square
Victoria Square Arcade
Victoria Street
Vincent Place
Vincent Street
Vinrace Street
Wakefield Road
Wakefield Street
Wakeham Street
War Memorial Drive
Watson Avenue
Waymouth Court
Waymouth Place
Waymouth Street
Weil Street
Westbury Street
Western Roadway
West Terrace
White Lane
Whitmore Square
Whitmore Square Sliplane
Willcox Street
William Lane
Williams Avenue
Wilson Street
Winifred Street
Wisdom Court
Witcombe Street
Woodsons Lane
Worsnop Avenue
Wright Court
Wright Street
Wright Street Sliplane
Wyatt Street
Wylde Street
York Street
Young Place
Young Street

Other Localities with Postcode 5000