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Armidale (NSW 2350) Suburb Information

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Median Sales Prices for Armidale (NSW 2350)

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The website contains property sales information provided under licence from the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information, combined with additional sales information, property attribute data, and photographs sourced from All Homes Pty Ltd. Last issue date 21/01/2019. All Homes Pty Ltd is authorised as a Property Sales Information provider of the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information.

Streets in Armidale (NSW 2350)

Ailsa Crescent
Alahna Drive
Albion Close
Aldred Avenue
Alexander Street
Alinnya Lane
Allingham Street
Amber Close
Amble Road
Ampol Street
Anchor Road
Anton Close
Apple Tree Hill Drive
Appletree Hill Road
Archibald Street
Argyle Place
Armidale Forest Road
Armidale Walking Track
Arts Road
Arundel Drive
Arundel Drive North
Ash Tree Drive
Atherton Street
A V Green Street
Bailey Crescent
Bain Crescent
Baird Place
Baker Place
Baldwyn Street
Balgownie Drive
Barclay Street
Barney Street
Barry Street
Beardy Street
Beatrice Close
Beethoven Lane
Belinda Place
Belle Avenue
Bellevue Road
Bellewood Road
Ben Venue Boulevard
Biddulph Road
Bill Watson Court
Bimbimbi Road
Birch Crescent
Bishop Crescent
Blake Street
Blanches Road
Blaxland Road
Blue Wren Road
Bona Vista Road
Bonnar Street
Booloominbah Drive
Boorolong Road
Bower Place
Bowman Avenue
Box Hill Drive
Bracken Street
Bradley Court
Braebank Avenue
Braund Street
Brewery Lane
Brickfield Avenue
Brogan Street
Browning Drive
Brown Street
Bundarra Road
Burgess Street
Burns Road
Burrell Court
Burton Lane
Butler Avenue
Butler Lane
Butler Street
Cafferies Road
Campbell Parade
Campion Parade
Canambe Street
Carey Avenue
Carlow Close
Caroline Crescent
Castledoyle Road
Catherine Street
Centennial Close
Central Trail
Centura Crescent
Chandler Close
Chapel Street
Chestnut Avenue
Chisholm Close
Cinders Lane
Clara Crescent
Claremont Road
Clarks Road
Claude Street
Claverie Street
Clover Lane
Cluny Road
College Avenue
Coluche Road
Conningdale Crescent
Cookes Road
Cotswold Avenue
Cotterell Place
Crescent Street
Crest Road
Cunningham Court
Curtis Street
Cynthia Crescent
Dala Lane
Dale Crescent
Dalton Drive
Dangar Falls Road
Dangarsleigh Road
Dangar Street
David Crescent
Dawson Avenue
Depot Road
Desilva Avenue
De Silva Street
Donald Road
Donegal Terrace
Donnelly Street
Doris Place
Dorothy Avenue
Douglas Street
Drew Street
Drummond Avenue
Dumaresq Dam Road
Dumaresq Road
Dumaresq Street
Dunkin Street
Durham Road
Duval Street
Earle Page Drive
East Trail
Eathorpe Road
Edgar Street
Edward Drive
Edwards Lane
Edward Street
Eichorns Lane
Eleanor Close
Elizabeth Street
Eliza Lane
Elliott Street
Elm Avenue
Elowera Road
Enid Street
Erin Court
Erskine Street
Erwin Place
Eulahbar Crescent
Evangelene Crescent
Eva Place
Faulkner Street
Fayle Avenue
Finlayson Close
Fiona Place
Fittler Close
Fittler Road
Fitzgerald Avenue
Fletcher Street
Florence Crescent
Forster Avenue
Freeman Crescent
Gainsborough Lane
Galloway Street
Gara Road
Garibaldi Street
Gentles Road
Geology Road
Gf Nott Place
Glass Street
Glendower Close
Glenelg Road
Glen Innes Road
Golden Grove
Golf Links Road
Golgotha Street
Gordon Street
Grafton Road
Grandview Crescent
Grantham Place
Green Lane
Green Street
Grills Place
Gungurru Road
Haga Place
Hamilton Crescent
Handel Street
Hanlan Road
Harden Street
Hardman Close
Hargrave Street
Harrison Place
Harry McRae Drive
Hawke Street
Hawthorne Close
Heagney Close
Heathersleigh Road
Heatherston Road
Helen Avenue
Herbert Lane
Herbert Park Road
Hickory Drive
Hiddens Street
Higginbotham Avenue
Highlands Road
High Street
Hilda Avenue
Hillards Road
Hillview Road
Hinton Terrace
Hitchcock Lane
Holloway Street
Holmes Avenue
Holmfield Drive
Homestead Lane
Howard Place
Hoys Road
Hughes Place
Hunt Avenue
Illallangi Close
Imbandja Lane
Inces Road
Ishbell Drive
Jackes Street
James Avenue
Jayne Close
Jeffrey Street
Jessie Street
Jewell Avenue
Joan Place
Johnson Avenue
Jones Avenue
Jubilee Road
Judith Street
Kanoona Road
Karina Close
Kathleen Crescent
Kearney Street
Keena Close
Kelly Avenue
Kellys Plains Road
Kellys Plains School Road
Kenalmac Avenue
Kennedy Street
Kent Avenue
Kentucky Street
Kia Ora Road
Kilcoy Close
Kildare Court
Kilkenny Close
Kintyre Road
Kirby Road
Kirkwood Street
Knobs Road
Kooda Road
Kruideniers Road
Kuranda Avenue
Kurrajong Close
Kurrawatha Avenue
Lambs Avenue
Lara Avenue
Laurence Avenue
Letters Place
Library Road
Lilley Lane
Link Road
Long Swamp Road
Lonsdale Street
Lucas Lane
Lynches Road
Lyndon Road
Lynland Drive
MacDonald Drive
Madgwick Drive
Manning Court
Mann Street
Markham Street
Marree Street
Marshall Avenue
Marsh Street
Martin Street
Mason Crescent
Maude Street
Mayfield Avenue
Mays Road
McArthur Close
McBean Avenue
McCanna Road
McCarthy Crescent
McCarthy Road
McGrath Place
McIntosh Crescent
McKeon Avenue
McLean Avenue
McLennan Street
McShane Avenue
Meadow Road
Memorial Avenue
Merinda Place
Merino Terrace
Micklegate Road
Middle Farm Road
Miller Street
Millie Street
Mills Road
Milson Place
Mitchell Place
Monkton Avenue
Monro Street
Moore Park Lane
Moore Park Road
Moore Street
Morson Avenue
Mossman Street
Mott Street
Mount Mitchell Road
Moyes Street
Mozeley Place
Mulligans Lane
Murray Avenue
Murtagh Close
Myrtle Drive
Napier Court
Nathaniel Pidgeon Drive
Naughten Avenue
Nelson Place
Netherton Park Avenue
Newbury Drive
New England Highway
Newholme Road
Newling Avenue
Newton Street
Niagara Street
Norman Place
Norris Drive
Northcott Street
Northern Road
Northey Drive
North Street
North Trail
Northwest Trail
Nothern Trail
Nyssa Street
Oak Knob Road
Oak Tree Drive
O'Connells Road
O'Connor Place
O'Connor Road
O'Deas Road
O'Dell Street
Ohio Street
Old Armidale Road
Old Glen Innes Road
Old Gostwyck Road
Old Inverell Road
Oliver Avenue
Orchard View Road
Orr Drive
Parkes Lane
Park Road
Parry Parade
Patricia Close
Pearson Road
Penfold Place
Perrott Street
Peterson Drive
Peters Place
P G Love Avenue
Phillip Street
Phoenix Court
Phoenix Lane
Phyllis Crescent
Pine Forest Road
Pine Grove Road
Pinto Street
Platform Road
Pointsfield Place
Ponts Road
Post Way
Power Place
Primrose Hill Road
Proctor Street
Puddledock Road
Purkiss Street
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Quin Avenue
Railway Parade
Range View Road
Redgum Lane
Red Hill Way
Reginald Avenue
Richardson Avenue
Ridley Close
Robina Crescent
Rockvale Road
Roper Avenue
Rosecommon Avenue
Roseneath Lane
Roslyn Avenue
Ross Street
Round Road
Rowlands Road
Rusden Court
Rusden Street
Ryan Avenue
Salmon Avenue
Samuelson Crescent
Sarah Place
Sattlers Road
Saumarez Road
Schaefer Drive
Scholes Street
Schultz Avenue
Seaton Street
See Avenue
Shambrook Avenue
Shannon Road
Short Street
Simmons Road
Simmons Street
Simpson Avenue
Smiths Road
Smith Street
Snow Grass Trail
Solomon Avenue
Somerset Lane
Somerville Close
Soudan Street
Southeast Trail
South East Trail
Southern Cross Drive
Southern Trail
South Trail
Southwest Trail
Speare Avenue
Spearmount Drive
Sports Union Road
Springhill Lane
Stace Street
St Andrews Avenue
St Cuthberts Avenue
Stephens Street
Stephen Street
Stewart Crescent
St Johns Avenue
Stony Ridge Road
Sunset Avenue
Sutherland Avenue
Sylvia Crescent
T A Crowley Avenue
Tallawong Lane
Tamar Place
Tancredi Street
Tanglewood Road South
Taylor Street
The Avenue
The Boulevarde
The Mall
Thompson Street
Thomsons Road
Tingcombe Street
Todd Close
Tombs Road
Translator Road
Trelawney Road
Trevellie Road
Trevenna Road
Trim Street
Turner Street
Tysoe Crescent
Uralla Road
Ursula Road
Verna Close
View Trail
Virginia Close
Wade Avenue
Wallaroo Trail
Warrane Road
Watson Avenue
Weaver Ridge
Webb Place
Weirs Road
Wells Lane
Wendo Street
Werrina Crescent
West Avenue
Westview Road
White Avenue
Widders Road
Wigan Avenue
Wilara Cove
Williams Place
Wilson Avenue
Winifred Place
Witherdin Lane
Woodlands Road
Woodward Street
Worrell Place
Wright Place
Wyvale Close
Yallambee Avenue
Yeomans Road
Yina Entrance Trail