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Baulkham Hills (NSW 2153) Suburb Information

Sales History for Baulkham Hills (NSW 2153)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Baulkham Hills (NSW 2153)

Graphs and tables are produced from data provided by the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information NSW. © Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information 2022.
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NSW Information

The website contains property sales information provided under licence from the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information, combined with additional sales information, property attribute data, and photographs sourced from All Homes Pty Ltd. Last issue date 08/08/2022. All Homes Pty Ltd is authorised as a Property Sales Information provider of the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information.

Streets in Baulkham Hills (NSW 2153)

Abbott Road
Ackling Street
Adams Lane
Akora Avenue
Albion Place
Alex Place
Allandale Drive
Allsopp Avenue
Almeria Avenue
Alysse Close
Ambleside Drive
Aminya Place
Amphitheatre Circuit
Annette Place
Antill Crescent
Apollo Avenue
Appian Circuit
Appian Close
Arndill Avenue
Arthur Street
Ashburn Close
Asquith Avenue
Astoria Park Road
Astrid Avenue
Atkins Court
Attunga Street
Baggot Place
Baker Crescent
Bambara Place
Bangalow Place
Barina Downs Road
Barossa Court
Bass Drive
Batavia Place
Baulkham Hills Road
Beazley Place
Bellotti Avenue
Benwerrin Avenue
Beresford Avenue
Bernadette Place
Berwin Place
Bethany Court
Billeroy Avenue
Binda Place
Bingara Crescent
Birch Grove
Birriwa Place
Blackett Drive
Bogan Avenue
Bombardiere Place
Boonal Street
Boulton Avenue
Boyne Place
Braddock Place
Broadhurst Place
Brodie Circle
Brodie Street
Brokenwood Place
Brookhollow Avenue
Broula Avenue
Browne Place
Brucedale Drive
Buckingham Road
Bundara Way
Bunya Close
Burbank Place
Burrandong Crescent
Burrell Crescent
Callistemon Close
Caloola Place
Cameron Avenue
Candowie Crescent
Canyon Road
Carmel Close
Carole Avenue
Carrabai Place
Carver Crescent
Cary Street
Cassina Place
Castle Pines Drive
Central Park Avenue
Central Place
Century Circuit
Chadworth Place
Chapel Lane
Charles Street
Chelsea Avenue
Chester Avenue
Christopher Street
Claire Place
Clubside Drive
Cole Avenue
Colosseum Crescent
Columbia Court
Columbia Way
Conie Avenue
Connell Close
Conway Court
Cooinda Place
Cook Street
Coolock Crescent
Coorumbene Court
Coromandel Close
Coronation Road
Cottrell Place
Country Club Circuit
Craig Avenue
Creda Place
Crestwood Drive
Cropley Drive
Cross Street
Cudgee Close
Cypress Court
Cyril Place
Dalman Place
Daniel Avenue
Darrambal Avenue
Davies Court
Davis Avenue
Dean Court
Deeside Avenue
Delaigh Avenue
Delaney Drive
Delgaun Place
Dobson Crescent
Doheny Close
Doheny Place
Doreen Crescent
Dorothy Court
Doyle Place
Drayton Avenue
Dunkeld Avenue
Durack Crest
Eagleview Place
Eames Avenue
Edgar Street
Edgewater Drive
Edward Street
Elanora Close
Elanora Court
Elder Avenue
Elliott Place
Englart Place
Eucalyptus Court
Evelyn Street
Evesham Court
Excelsior Way
Fairhaven Circuit
Fairmont Avenue
Fairway Drive
Flinders Avenue
Flora Court
Forest Road
Forum Crescent
Fuchsia Court
Gabo Court
Gabrielle Avenue
George Best Crescent
George Muir Close
George Parade
Geraldine Avenue
Gibbon Road
Girralong Avenue
Gladstone Road
Glanmire Road
Gleeson Avenue
Glenview Close
Gooden Drive
Goodhall Avenue
Goodin Road
Goolgung Avenue
Gordonia Grove
Graham Crescent
Gregory Avenue
Grevillea Grove
Gumbuya Avenue
Hakea Place
Hambledon Avenue
Hammond Court
Harris Place
Heather Close
Hendle Close
Henry Street
Hilda Road
Hildegard Place
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillsborough Way
Hill Street
Hodgson Crescent
Hollier Place
Honeytree Place
Horatio Avenue
Horwood Avenue
Indra Place
Inglewood Place
Ixion Street
Jacaranda Avenue
Jacqui Circuit
Jamberoo Avenue
James Street
Jamieson Avenue
Jasper Road
Jenner Street
Jennifer Place
Jerome Avenue
Jindabyne Avenue
Joan Place
John Street
Judith Street
Juliana Crescent
Junction Road
Juniper Place
Justine Avenue
Kalimna Drive
Kanadah Avenue
Kanangra Avenue
Kaneruka Place
Kanili Avenue
Karabil Crescent
Kareela Road
Karen Court
Katherin Road
Katrina Place
Kearney Court
Keene Street
Keith Place
Kelly Close
Kenneth Avenue
Kent Street
Kentwell Street
Kerwick Court
Keswick Avenue
Key Court
Kiah Place
Kimbarra Avenue
Kimber Crescent
Kinley Place
Koorabel Place
Koorana Close
Kristine Avenue
Kula Court
Lakeside Crescent
Lakeview Close
Lambert Crescent
Landscape Street
Langdon Road
Larken Avenue
Latona Street
Laura Street
Leatherwood Court
Leone Avenue
Leong Place
Leumeah Avenue
Lindsay Street
Linton Street
Lisgar Avenue
Livingstone Avenue
Lonach Close
Longview Place
Lotus Close
Louise Avenue
Lowanna Avenue
Lucia Avenue
Luculia Avenue
Lukes Lane
Lutana Place
M2 Motorway
Mackillop Drive
Magnolia Avenue
Maitland Place
Malvern Avenue
Manor Place
Mantillus Grove
Manuka Avenue
Marcel Place
Marian Court
Marina Road
Marjory Place
Martindale Avenue
Mary Helen Court
Mary-Helen Court
McBurney Place
McDougall Avenue
McGee Place
Meehan Place
Merinda Avenue
Merindah Road
Meryll Avenue
Middlebrook Rise
Mileham Avenue
Miriam Court
Model Farms Road
Monteith Place
Moona Avenue
Morley Court
Mulgray Avenue
Mulheron Avenue
Mullane Avenue
Munro Street
Mura Lane
Murrills Crescent
Myallie Avenue
Myee Crescent
Myrtle Grove
Nalya Avenue
Naomi Street
Naomi Street North
Newlands Place
Niela Grove
Nola Place
Noorong Close
Northridge Avenue
Northwest Transitway
Norwest Boulevard
Norwood Place
Nunga Place
Oakdale Place
Oakland Avenue
Old Northern Road
Old Windsor Road
Oleander Avenue
O'Leander Avenue
Olive Street
Orchard Street
Oronga Avenue
Owen Avenue
Oxley Avenue
Palace Road
Park Road
Parraweena Avenue
Parsonage Road
Paul Court
Pauline Place
Pearce Street
Pearson Place
Peel Road
Peninsula Way
Penola Court
Peter Street
Petrina Crescent
Petrizzi Place
Priory Court
Priscilla Place
Purri Avenue
Putters Lane
Quintana Avenue
Radiata Avenue
Raemot Lane
Railway Street
Raynor Place
Redmond Avenue
Reiby Drive
Rembrandt Drive
Renown Road
Reppan Avenue
Reston Grange
Ridgehaven Place
Robinson Place
Rockely Avenue
Rockley Avenue
Rondelay Drive
Roseneath Place
Rose Street
Rosetta Crescent
Rosleen Place
Rowanbrae Crescent
Rowe Place
Roxborough Park Road
Royal Avenue
Russell Street
Rutland Avenue
Saint Michaels Place
Salamander Grove
Salisbury Road
Sanders Road
San Michelle Avenue
Sarah Crescent
Saxonvale Road
Scott Place
Seven Hills Road
Seven Hills Way
Shepherd Lane
Showground Road
Sierra Place
Simpson Avenue
Solar Avenue
Solent Circuit
Spencer Court
Spurway Drive
St James Avenue
St Mathews Lane
St Michaels Place
Stone Mason Drive
Summit Place
Suttor Place
Talisman Avenue
Talkook Place
Tamboura Avenue
Tappeiner Court
Tarana Crescent
Templeton Crescent
Tenison Court
The Cottell Way
The Pointe
Therese Court
Thompson Place
Toledo Place
Toni Place
Torrs Street
Tristania Court
Tulloch Place
Turner Avenue
Turon Avenue
Tyne Close
Ula Crescent
Valadon Place
Valda Place
Valerie Avenue
Vanessa Avenue
Vera Street
Victor Close
Victoria Avenue
Vincent Street
Virginia Avenue
Wandana Avenue
Warooga Avenue
Warrina Avenue
Warumbui Avenue
Water Gum Drive
Watkins Road
Wells Court
Westlink M7
Westwood Way
William Thompson Way
Willow Drive
Windsor Road
Winston Court
Wirralie Avenue
Wistaria Place
Witonga Crescent
Woodlands Street
Woodridge Place
Wood Ridge Place
Woolisia Place
Wyldwood Crescent
Wyndham Place
Yallambee Court
Yaralla Place
Yattenden Crescent
Yawung Avenue
Yetholme Avenue
Yvette Street

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