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Blacktown (NSW 2148) Suburb Information

Sales History for Blacktown (NSW 2148)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Blacktown (NSW 2148)

Graphs and tables are produced from data provided by the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information NSW. © Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information 2021.
  Median Property Price ($)   Median Unit Price ($)   Median Non-Unit Price ($)   Total Sales

NSW Information

The website contains property sales information provided under licence from the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information, combined with additional sales information, property attribute data, and photographs sourced from All Homes Pty Ltd. Last issue date 06/12/2021. All Homes Pty Ltd is authorised as a Property Sales Information provider of the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information.

Streets in Blacktown (NSW 2148)

Abelia Way
Adella Avenue
Adonis Avenue
Ailsa Avenue
Ajax Place
Alam Street
Alexander Parade
Aliberti Drive
Allawah Street
Allay Street
Allen Road
Alpha Street
Altona Place
Amiens Lane
Andre Place
Anne Street
Anthony Street
Apex Street
Archer Street
Arthur Avenue
Ashby Street
Ashcott Street
Ashgrove Crescent
Ash Street
Ashwell Road
Athlone Street
Augusta Street
Ayrton Street
Azalea Street
Bailey Place
Baker Street
Balbeek Avenue
Balin Place
Balmoral Street
Barnes Lane
Barnet Place
Baronta Street
Barwon Glade
Beaufort Road
Becharry Road
Bedford Road
Bedivere Street
Bellevista Street
Bellevue Street
Benaud Street
Berg Street
Bessemer Street
Betty Street
Bibbalong Lane
Bimbil Street
Birdie Circuit
Birnam Avenue
Blacktown Road
Blattman Close
Blue Hills Crescent
Boiler Close
Booreea Street
Boronia Street
Bowral Road
Bowral Street
Boyd Street
Boys Avenue
Braddon Street
Bradfield Place
Brewongle Walkway
Brickfield Place
Bridgeview Street
Bridge View Street
Bristol Circuit
Bruce Street
Buckley Avenue
Bungarribee Road
Bungarribee Street
Burdett Crescent
Burke Street
Burnie Street
Burrell Parade
Butterfield Street
Caddy Street
Caldwell Place
Cambridge Street
Campbell Street
Cansdale Street
Capricorn Road
Cardiff Street
Carinya Street
Carnegie Place
Castle Street
Catalpa Way
Cavendish Avenue
Cedar Place
Chansa Place
Charles Street
Chester Street
Chicago Avenue
Chippers Glade
Civic Lane
Clarence Street
Clare Street
Clayton Street
Clifton Street
Cobb Lane
Colo Lane
Coolabah Place
Cooper Street
Coralgum Place
Cornell Street
Craiglea Street
Craig Street
Cumberland Street
Cunningham Crescent
Curran Road
Cut Glade
Cypress Lane
Dagmar Crescent
Dan Avenue
Daniela Place
Daphne Place
David Lane
Davis Road
Dawn Drive
Deborah Wicks Walkway
De Castella Drive
Dell Street
Delta Place
Denis Winston Drive
Deodar Way
Derby Street
Derwent Parade
Devitt Street
Dina Beth Avenue
Dinton Street
Doonside Crescent
Dora Street
Dorset Street
Douglas Road
Drake Place
Driving Glade
Duckmallois Avenue
Dudley Avenue
Dunn Way
Dunstable Road
Eastlakes Glade
Eggleton Street
Elanora Avenue
Ellerston Glade
Elouera Lane
Eltham Street
Erith Street
Essence Glade
Essex Street
Eta Street
Eyre Street
Fairwater Boulevard
Farmingdale Drive
Felicia Place
Fern Place
Fife Crescent
Fife Street
Fifth Avenue
Filey Street
Finlay Street
First Avenue
Flame Place
Flushcombe Road
Forge Street
Foss Street
Fourth Avenue
Frederick Street
Friend Place
Fullam Road
Gardenset Grove
Garden Street
Gareth Street
Gate Road
George Street
Gibson Place
Girra Road
Glamorgan Street
Gordon Street
Gould Way
Grafton Street
Grant Street
Great Western Highway
Greenbank Drive
Green Street
Greenwood Grove
Gribble Place
Griffiths Street
Hackett Way
Hadrian Avenue
Harold Street
Havenwood Place
Hawkins Street
Hayley Grove
Heapey Street
Heart Place
Heliotrope Crescent
Hereward Highway
Herrick Street
Highlands Crescent
Highpoint Drive
Highview Street
Hillside Lane
Hillside Road
Hilltop Avenue
Holbeche Road
Honeman Close
Huegill Way
Humphries Lane
Hunter Street
Huntingdale Glade
Huntley Drive
Ida Place
Indigo Way
Iona Street
Irelands Road
Iris Place
Ironbark Crescent
Ironwood Crescent
Jabiru Place
Jane Street
Jem Place
Jennifer Avenue
Jim Simpson Lane
Johnboy Place
John Boy Place
John Street
Jones Street
Joseph Street
Julie Street
June Street
Juniper Way
Kastelan Street
Kauri Place
Kauri Street
Kay Street
Keld Place
Kelso Lane
Kempsey Street
Kenji Place
Kent Street
Kerry Road
Keyworth Drive
Kieren Drive
Kildare Road
Killarney Avenue
Kingsford Street
Kirkman Road
Kirkman Street
Klim Way
Kurrajong Crescent
Lacey Place
Laker Street
Lancaster Street
Lancelot Street
Lander Avenue
Lavender Place
Lawson Street
Leabons Lane
Leat Place
Lees Crescent
Leicester Square
Leonard Street
Leslie Place
Leslie Street
Lismore Street
Lloyd Street
Lock Street
London Street
Lorne Street
Love Street
Lucas Road
Luton Road
Lynwood Avenue
Lyton Street
Madden Lane
Main Street
Mala Crescent
Malcolm Street
Maloney Street
Malouf Place
Mantaka Street
Marana Street
Marcel Crescent
Maree Place
Maria Place
Mariko Place
Marion Street
Mary Street
Matthew Crescent
Maud Street
Maureen Place
Maxwell Street
McClean Street
McCulloch Road
Meath Place
Meela Street
Merlin Street
Meroo Street
Monash Road
Monroe Street
Moren Street
Moroney Close
Mort Street
Muirfield Glade
Mulgi Street
Muringo Place
Muringo Way
Murray Place
Myrtle Street
Nash Place
Nerada Street
Neville Street
Newhaven Avenue
Newman Street
Newton Road
Nicholas Street
Noel Street
Norfolk Street
Northcott Road
Northumberland Street
Northwest Transitway
Oatley Close
Oft Place
Olga Street
Ondeki Crescent
Ondieki Court
Orallo Avenue
Oregon Street
Orwell Street
Outlook Street
Oxford Street
Ozark Street
Palmer Place
Pank Parade
Panorama Parade
Par Glade
Parkland Street
Patricia Street
Patrick Street
Paula Street
Paul Street
Pavonia Way
Pelleas Street
Pembroke Street
Pendant Avenue
Penny Place
Peter Street
Philip Street
Picardy Street
Picken Lane
Pollack Street
Prince Street
Privet Way
Prospect Highway
Prospect Street
Putters Circuit
Quail Road
Raht Place
Railway Parade
Range Glade
Raymond Street
Redwood Street
Reservoir Road
Richmond Road
Ridley Place
Roa Place
Robina Street
Robyn Street
Roger Place
Roma Avenue
Roma Lane
Ronald Street
Rosemary Place
Ross Street
Rowe Place
Royena Way
Russell Street
Rutherford Street
Rutland Street
Sackville Street
Sarsfield Street
Savery Crescent
Saxby Way
Second Avenue
Selby Place
Shelley Crescent
Shirley Street
Siebel Street
Sinclair Avenue
Sinclair Crescent
Sparkle Avenue
Spoonbill Avenue
Springfield Avenue
Spruce Street
Stableford Street
Stanley Street
Starr Place
Steel Street
Stella Place
Stephen Street
Sterlini Close
Stewart Avenue
St Martins Crescent
St Pauls Way
Suffolk Street
Sullivan Street
Sunnyholt Road
Sunville Court
Surrey Street
Sutton Street
Swinson Road
Sydney Street
Sylvia Street
Tallawong Avenue
Tara Road
Taronga Street
Tattersall Road
Teagan Place
Teal Place
Tee Glade
Templar Street
Tenby Street
Terry Avenue
Theresa Street
Third Avenue
Thistle Way
Thorpe Way
Tress Street
Tudor Avenue
Tulloch Street
Turner Street
Turvey Road
Twilight Crescent
Tyrone Place
Valda Street
Valentine Street
Valetta Court
Van Bentum Place
Vardys Road
Vella Crescent
Vesuvius Street
Vezey Place
Vincent Street
Virginia Street
Wallaby Close
Wallaby Place
Wallace Street
Wall Park Avenue
Walters Road
Warrick Lane
Warrigal Street
Wattle Street
Watts Crescent
Watts Grove
Waugh Crescent
Wedge Glade
Western Crescent
Western Motorway
Westfield Place
Westlake Glade
West Street
Wilga Street
William Street
Winifred Crescent
Winter Place
Wirilda Way
Wirruna Street
Wistaria Place
Woodside Avenue
Wright Street
Wye Street
Yale Place
Yamba Lane
Zinnia Way
Zolyomi Lane

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