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Castle Hill (NSW 2154) Suburb Information

Sales History for Castle Hill (NSW 2154)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

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Median Sales Prices for Castle Hill (NSW 2154)

Graphs and tables are produced from data provided by the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information NSW. © Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information 2020.
  Median Property Price ($)   Median Unit Price ($)   Median Non-Unit Price ($)   Total Sales

NSW Information

The website contains property sales information provided under licence from the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information, combined with additional sales information, property attribute data, and photographs sourced from All Homes Pty Ltd. Last issue date 23/11/2020. All Homes Pty Ltd is authorised as a Property Sales Information provider of the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information.

Streets in Castle Hill (NSW 2154)

Acacia Court
Acer Glen
Adey Place
Alice Hancock Close
Alice Hancox Close
Allara Place
Amberlea Court
Amberwood Place
Amberwood Way
Ambleside Drive
Andalusian Way
Anella Avenue
Angophora Place
Anneliese Place
Anson Place
Anthony Road
Apap Avenue
Applecross Avenue
Arbor Glen
Ardley Avenue
Arlington Avenue
Armidale Crescent
Armstrong Place
Ashford Avenue
Ashmead Avenue
Aubrey Close
Azalea Court
Azalea Grove
Balintore Drive
Banjo Court
Banjo Place
Banks Road
Barcote Place
Barina Downs Road
Barker Drive
Baronia Circuit
Barrawarn Place
Barwell Avenue
Bassett Place
Battlement Crescent
Bayberry Way
Baydon Street
Beaumaris Avenue
Beaumont Place
Begonia Court
Belinda Court
Bellemarie Drive
Belltree Crescent
Bellwood Place
Belvedere Avenue
Benaara Gardens
Benbullen Way
Ben Bullen Way
Bendtree Way
Bennett Place
Bentham Place
Bernard Place
Bimbil Place
Bishopsgate Avenue
Blackett Drive
Blue Gums Way
Boden Place
Bolwarra Crescent
Bonnefin Place
Bordeaux Crescent
Borthwick Place
Bounty Avenue
Bowen Close
Bowman Avenue
Bracken Fell Close
Braefield Place
Braemore Court
Brae Place
Brecon Court
Brentwood Way
Brisbane Road
Britannia Road
Broadoak Place
Broadsword Place
Brooke Avenue
Brookfield Way
Brosnan Place
Broughton Avenue
Brucedale Drive
Brunette Drive
Brushford Avenue
Byanbi Place
Cadman Crescent
Calais Place
Cambewarra Avenue
Camelia Court
Candlebush Crescent
Canham Close
Cansdale Place
Capizzi Place
Capra Place
Carcoola Street
Cardiff Way
Carina Place
Carinyah Crescent
Carnegie Place
Carolyn Close
Carramarr Road
Carrbridge Drive
Carrbridge Way
Carrington Road
Castlegate Place
Castle Hill Road
Castle Lea Court
Castle Place
Castle Street
Castlewood Drive
Caterson Drive
Cecil Avenue
Cecilia Place
Cecillia Place
Cedar Grove
Celeste Avenue
Chainmail Crescent
Chapman Avenue
Charlton Drive
Chelsea Road
Cheltenham Close
Chepstow Drive
Cheriton Avenue
Cheryl Place
Childrey Place
Chiltern Crescent
Church Street
Churchwood Way
Citadel Crescent
Clarissa Place
Clarke Drive
Clarke Place
Cobblestone Way
Combara Avenue
Condino Way
Coniston Place
Coolibah Street
Coolong Street
Coomalie Avenue
Coonardoo Place
Cooper Court
Copperleaf Place
Copperleaf Way
Coppins Place
Copplestone Place
Cotswold Avenue
Cottage Street
Cottonwood Place
Courtyard Place
Coventry Court
Crane Road
Cranswick Court
Crinan Court
Cubby Close
Cullen Crescent
Cumberland Avenue
Cutlack Walk
Cynthia Avenue
Damsel Court
Dana Close
Dan Crescent
Danehill Court
Daphne Avenue
Darcey Road
D'Arcy Irvine Drive
David Road
Dawes Avenue
De Clambe Drive
De La Salle Place
Denbigh Court
Derwent Place
Dewberry Way
Dewhurst Avenue
Dinmore Place
Donnegal Court
Doran Drive
Dornoch Court
Dorothy Mowl Court
Dorothy Mowll Court
Doune Court
Dover Court
Drawbridge Place
Drayton Avenue
Dresden Avenue
Duff Place
Dunley Place
Ebbs Lane
Edgewood Avenue
Edward Street
Elabana Crescent
Elabana Way
Elberta Avenue
Elizabeth Hake Close
Elizabeth Hake Place
Emily Clarke Drive
Endeavour Close
English Avenue
Ensign Place
Eric Cooper Drive
Erlestoke Place
Essex Avenue
Excalibur Avenue
Excelsior Avenue
Excelsior Way
Facer Court
Fairgreen Place
Fairway Drive
Farm Close
Farrier Place
Featherwood Way
Ferguson Avenue
Fernbrook Place
Ferngreen Way
Ferntree Court
Finch Place
Fiona Avenue
First Farm Drive
Fishburn Crescent
Flinders Village
Foley Place
Forest Knoll
Forest Knoll
Francis Street
Freeman Avenue
Frome Place
Gaiwood Place
Galahad Crescent
Gardenia Place
Garthowen Crescent
Gary Street
Gawain Court
Gay Street
George Mobbs Drive
Gibbs Court
Gilbert Road
Gilham Street
Gindurra Avenue
Giovanna Court
Glade Crescent
Gladstone Road
Glamis Place
Glenowen Way
Glen Road
Glenshee Place
Glenwood Way
Glovanna Court
Goodwin Crescent
Goodwin House
Gooraway Drive
Gordon Avenue
Gough Drive
Government Farm Crescent
Gowrie Drive
Granary Place
Grandoaks Place
Grand Way
Grange Road
Grantown Court
Greenhill Close
Green Road
Greenvale Place
Gregory Close
Grevillea Court
Grovewood Place
Guineviere Court
Gum Tree Place
Haigh Place
Hambledon Avenue
Hampton Close
Harcourt Close
Harcourt Place
Harlech Court
Harriet Avenue
Harriman Court
Harrington Avenue
Harvest Avenue
Hastings Road
Haven Court
Heatherbrae Place
Helen Court
Helissio Place
Helmsley Grove
Henley Close
Heritage Close
Heritage Court
Heritage Park Drive
Hermosa Court
Heron Court
Highbrook Place
Highclere Place
Hillgate Place
Hilliard Drive
Hilloak Court
Hilltop Court
Hogan Grove
Hopetoun Village
Howard Place
Hoyle Avenue
Hudson Avenue
Hughes Avenue
Hume Avenue
Hunter Place
Hunter Terrace
Hunter Terraces
Huntingdale Circle
Ikara Avenue
Illyarie Place
Inwood Close
Jabiru Place
James Cook Drive
James Henty Drive
James Place
Janette Place
Jarrah Place
Jasmine Place
Jasmine Way
Jenner Road
Jonquil Parade
Jordana Place
Julia Grove
Katherine Place
Kathleen Avenue
Kauri Court
Kelbrae Close
Kentwell Avenue
Kerle Crescent
Kerrs Road
Keswick Avenue
Kidner Close
Killarney Close
Kilvinton Village
Kincraig Court
Kingscott Place
Kings Road
Kingussie Avenue
Kiola Place
Kirkwall Avenue
Kirkwood Court
Kirrily Way
Knight Place
Knightsbridge Place
Knight Way
Kullaroo Avenue
Kywong Avenue
Lacebark Way
Lanark Court
Lancelot Court
Langshaw Circle
Langshaw Circuit
Larool Crescent
Lauren Avenue
La Vista Grove
La-Vista Grove
Lawson Place
Lemonwood Place
Les Shore Place
Lewis Court
Lilian Nuffield Court
Lillian Nuffield
Lillian Nuffield Court
Lincoln Place
Linksley Avenue
Lisa Crescent
Lisbon Court
Lober Drive
Lockhart Avenue
Lodgeworth Place
Lomandra Circuit
Lomond Place
Longley Place
Longworth Crescent
Lucette Place
Ludlow Road
Lydham Place
Lygon Place
Lynbrook Court
Lyndel Place
Lynstock Avenue
Lynwood Place
Mahogany Court
Mahogany Crest
Malvern Place
Mandala Parade
Margot Place
Marie Street
Marriott Grove
Mary Irene Place
Mary Place
Maybush Way
McDougall Lane
McIntyre Place
McMullen Avenue
Meadows Place
Melaleuca Close
Melaleuca Court
Melia Court
Melvey Place
Mensa Place
Mercer Street
Merlin Court
Merrick Way
Merrilong Street
Middleton Avenue
Mileham Avenue
Milford Grove
Milguy Avenue
Milne Court
Minago Place
Miretta Place
Mornington Avenue
Moroney Avenue
Morris Grove
Morven Court
Mounslow Avenue
Mountrie Place
Moutrie Place
Mowbray Close
Mowll Village
Murdocca Place
Murring Way
Murring Way
Murrumba Place
Murrung Way
Nanette Place
Narelle Avenue
Narelle Avenue East
Neale Court
Neville Court
Nevis Place
New England Way
New Line Road
Niello Close
Ninette Place
Nobel Place
Noble Place
Norham Mews
Norman Hall Close
Northumberland Court
Northwood Place
Norwest Boulevard
Nottingham Avenue
Nuffield Village
Nyalla Place
Oakhill Drive
Oaklea Way
Octagonal Avenue
Odney Place
Old Castle Hill Road
Old Northern Road
Ollie Place
Olola Avenue
Orange Grove
Orchard Avenue
Orion Close
Orleans Way
Owen Way
Oxford Avenue
Oxley Avenue
Packard Avenue
Palisander Place
Parkwood Close
Parsonage Road
Partridge Avenue
Patricia Court
Patrick Avenue
Paxton Place
Pearce Street
Pennant Street
Pennant Way
Penrhyn Place
Pentonville Parade
Peppertree Place
Pevensey Street
Phoenix Close
Pichola Place
Pilcher Avenue
Pioneer Place
Poplar Court
Portsea Place
Powys Circuit
Purser Avenue
Queens Court
Queens Square
Radford Place
Raglan Parade
Redwood Close
Regent Place
Reiby Drive
Reid Avenue
Richmond Court
Ridgecrop Drive
Rochester Grove
Rogans Rise
Roger Avenue
Rondelay Drive
Rosa Crescent
Rose Court
Rowallan Avenue
Roxborough Park Road
Rydal Avenue
Saintly Court
Salisbury Road
San Giorgio Circuit
Scarborough Way
Serina Avenue
Settlers Close
Sexton Avenue
Sharp Close
Sherbrooke Crescent
Sherwin Avenue
Showground Road
Silky Oak Place
Silo Lane
Silvermist Crescent
Slade Avenue
Somerset Way
Southleigh Avenue
Springthorpe Way
Spurway Drive
Squire Place
Stephen Close
Stewart Drive
Stirling Court
St Marks Avenue
Stone Cottage Court
Stonehaven Place
Stonemason Court
St Pauls Avenue
Strang Pathway
Strathcarron Avenue
Stringybark Place
St Simon Place
Sturt Place
Sunderland Avenue
Sunter Way
Surrey Avenue
Susan Parade
Tahlee Close
Talisman Avenue
Tall Trees Avenue
Talofa Place
Tasman Court
Tathra Place
Tawmii Place
Telfer Road
Telfer Way
Telopea Court
Terminus Street
Thea Dare Drive
Timothy Avenue
Totness Court
Tower Court
Treetops Road
Trevor Place
Trish Place
Tristan Court
Tuckwell Road
Turret Place
Turton Place
Ulundri Drive
Verincourt Way
Verletta Avenue
Vicky Avenue
Victoria Avenue
Vittoria Smith Avenue
Vivien Place
Walsh Avenue
Walters Way
Walter Way
Warran Place
Warwick Parade
Washington Place
Waterloo Avenue
Wayfield Road
Western Road
Westminster Drive
Whipbird Place
White Cedar Drive
Whitehaven Place
White Place
Whitling Avenue
Willowbrook Place
Wills Avenue
Wilton Close
Winchcombe Place
Windarra Place
Windsor Circuit
Windsor Court
Windsor Road
Winslow Avenue
Winston Avenue
Wiseman Road
Womurrung Avenue
Wongajong Close
Woodchester Close
Woodfield Place
Woodgrove Avenue
Woodhill Street
Woodlark Place
Woodvale Place
Worthing Avenue
Wren Court
Wrights Road
Wychwood Place
Yandiah Place
Yaringa Road
Yerong Place
Yerriebah Place
Yinnell Place
Yoorana Place
Yvonne Place
Zullo Court

Other Localities with Postcode 2154