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Cheltenham (VIC 3192) Suburb Information

Sales History for Cheltenham (VIC 3192)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Cheltenham (VIC 3192)

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Streets in Cheltenham (VIC 3192)

Abbington Avenue
Age Street
Albenca Street
Alden Court
Alice Street
Allnutt Court
Allnutt Parade
Alray Drive
Amber Court
Amberley Drive
Ambrose Avenue
Argus Lane
Argus Street
Arnold Street
Ash Court
Ashleigh Court
Atunga Court
Avalon Court
Avoca Street
Axelton Street
Azalea Court
Banool Street
Barber Court
Barclay Drive
Baringhup Street
Barker Street
Barlow Avenue
Barrett Street
Baryn Street
Bayliss Court
Bayliss Street
Bay Road
Beachwood Close
Beatrice Street
Beaumaris Parade
Bellevue Lane
Bellevue Road
Bellflower Avenue
Belrose Avenue
Bendigo Street
Benkel Avenue
Benkel Lane
Berkefeld Court
Bernard Lane
Bernard Street
Bettina Court
Beverley Street
Blackburn Drive
Blackwood Avenue
Blagdon Street
Booker Street
Bourke Street
Brampton Street
Brett Court
Bricker Street
Brixton Road
Brownfield Street
Bruton Avenue
Bruton Street
Butler Court
Byrne Court
Callaghan Court
Camelia Grove
Cameron Street
Cavanagh Lane
Cavanagh Street
Central Park Walk
Centre Dandenong Road
Chandos Street
Chaprowe Court
Charles Street
Charlton Avenue
Charman Road
Charman Street
Charnwood Lane
Chatsworth Close
Chelsea Street
Cheltenham Road
Cherbourg Avenue
Cherry Tree Lane
Chesterville Lane
Chesterville Rise
Chesterville Road
Christensen Street
Churchill Avenue
Church Street
Cindy Court
Clara Court
Classon Court
Clendon Court
Cloyne Street
Clyve Avenue
Coape Street
Cobham Street
Coleman Court
Comas Road
Coolac Lane
Coolac Street
Coral Court
Corporate Drive
Correa Avenue
Courtney Street
Cox Street
Craig Court
Crawford Street
Crocus Court