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Sales History for Conjola (NSW 2539) in 2021

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Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Ensuites: Garages: Carports:
11/03/2021 29/03/2021 $3,487,000 455000m2 Full transfer
Bedrooms: 11 Bathrooms: 5 Ensuites: Garages: 8 Carports: 0
11/03/2021 29/10/2020 $3,170,000 453264m2 Full transfer
Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Ensuites: Garages: 4 Carports: 0
09/07/2021 28/05/2021 $1,590,000 6477m2 Full transfer
Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0 Ensuites: Garages: 0 Carports: 0
26/06/2021 24/05/2021 $1,350,000 405600m2 Full transfer
Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Ensuites: Garages: Carports:
16/02/2021 16/02/2021 $0 17620m2 Full transfer
* Allhomes past sales data.

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General Information

Numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, ensuites, garages, and carports are based on information supplied when a property with this address was last listed on allhomes on the "List Date" and may be inaccurate or not reflect the current state of the property.