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Croydon (VIC 3136) Suburb Information

Sales History for Croydon (VIC 3136)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Croydon (VIC 3136)

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Streets in Croydon (VIC 3136)

Abraham Drive
Adams Close
Ainslie Park Avenue
Alamein Avenue
Alan Street
Alec Street
Alfrick Road
Allaware Avenue
Allendale Road
Alto Avenue
Alwyn Street
Aminga Court
Angus Avenue
Annie Court
Ann Street
Anthony Street
Anzac Street
Apollo Court
Araluen Drive
Ardel Street
Arden Street
Arnot Circuit
Arnot Court
Arthur Place
Arundel Street
Azalea Court
Baddeley Circuit
Balcombe Court
Bambra Street
Banool Court
Barclay Avenue
Barina Crescent
Bartlett Avenue
Bayswater Road
Beatty Avenue
Beaufort Road
Bellara Drive
Bennison Street
Beryl Street
Binbrook Drive
Birdwood Road
Blazey Road
Bond Court
Bonnie View Road
Boyana Crescent
Braemar Street
Branchflower Lane
Brenda Court
Brentnall Road
Briarwood Court
Briens Lane
Brindy Court
Broughton Avenue
Byron Road
Callistemon Court
Cameron Road
Carlyle Street
Caromar Street
Carroll Avenue
Cass Avenue
Cecil Circuit
Central Avenue
Centreway Arcade
Chablis Close
Chateau Close
Cheeseman Street
Cheong Street
Cherry Tree Grove
Chevalier Drive
Churchill Road
Civic Square
Clegg Avenue
Clement Crescent
Colchester Road
Columbia Avenue
Como Close
Coogee Close
Coolstore Road
Coreen Street
Cosmo Court
Croydon Road
Croydon Way
Currong Grove
Cutts Avenue
Dennis Street
Devon Street
Diana Street
Diane Crescent
Dianella Lane
Dixon Avenue
Dobbyn Road
Donald Street
Donview Court
Dornoch Court
Dorothy Street
Dorset Recreation Trail
Dorset Road
Douglas Parade
Drewett Circuit
Dumosa Avenue
Eales Way
East Court
Eastfield Road
Eastmead Road
Eden Street
Edith Avenue
Edward Court
Eileen Close
Elizabeth Street
Ellesmere Avenue
Elmore Avenue
Emily Court
Emma Road
Emmerson Lane
Emora Street
Eric Street
Ernest Road
Ervin Road
Eva Court
Evans Drive
Exeter Road
Farnley Street
Faull Close
Fay Court
Field Street
Finch Court
Forest Court
Fortuna Avenue
Frederick Street
French Street
Frome Street
Frost Close
Gairns Court
Gallipoli Parade
Gary Court
Gladys Grove
Glamis Court
Glen Avenue
Gleneagles Court
Glenora Avenue
Glenwood Drive
Goble Way
Golden Ridge Drive
Golf Links Link
Golf Links Road
Golfs Road Link
Gordon Street
Grand View Avenue
Grayling Crescent
Gretel Court
Gumtree Close
Gum Tree Close
Haig Street
Hannora Crescent
Hardidge Street
Harley Crescent
Harry Lacey Lane
Hartley Road
Head Street
Heathfield Court
Henry Road
Henty Court
Herbert Street
Hermitage Court
Hewish Road
Heyington Close
Hibiscus Court
Highland Avenue
Hillside Drive
Hinkley Avenue
Holder Way
Hovea Court
Hubble Road
Hull Road
Hunter Street
Hyton Crescent
Inglewood Close
Inverness Court
Jackson Street
James Kerr Way
James Road
Jarvis Avenue
J A Turner Artist Trail
Jenkins Lane
Jesmond Road
Joffre Street
Judith Court
Juliana Court
Julie Road
Kalinda Road
Kallay Street
Kaneira Avenue
Karana Court
Karnak Close
Kauri Court
Kenmare Avenue
Kent Avenue
Kepsi Place
Kilara Court
Kiloran Avenue
Kincumber Drive
King Street
Kirra Court
Kirtain Avenue
Kirtain Drive
Kitchener Road
Kurrajong Avenue
Kylie Court
Lacey Street
Laird Street
Landale Avenue
Larissa Court
Larkin Drive
Lee Ann Crescent
Lee-Ann Crescent
Le Grew Street
Leigh Road
Lemnos Street
Leslie Street
Leyland Street
Lincoln Road
Lindel Court
Lindisfarne Avenue
Lionel Crescent
Lobelia Court
Lomandra Way
Long View Road
Louisa Street
Lusher Road
Luton Court
Lyndhurst Close
Macey Street
Mackenzie Court
Maggs Street
Main Street
Mallana Court
Malseed Street
Mandowie Crescent
Marchant Court
Marcus Road
Mariana Avenue
Marion Avenue
Maroondah Highway
Maroondah Lakes Scenic Walk
Mather Close
Mayfair Court
Mayfield Court
McAdam Square
McIlraith Court
McPherson Drive
Melaleuca Mews
Melton Grove
Mena Avenue
Merrindale Drive
Midhurst Road
Millard Street
Minkara Court
Mirang Avenue
Monastery Drive
Monivae Close
Montana Parade
Monteith Street
Moomba Court
Moore Avenue
Moralla Avenue
Morecroft Avenue
Morgan Avenue
Morris Road
Mount Dandenong Road
Mount View Parade
Mount View Street
Mt Dandenong Road
Mt View Parade
Mt View Street
Mullum Mullum Creek Trail
Murray Road
Nareen Court
Narool Court
Nelson Road
Newhaven Lane
Newman Road
Niel Street
Nola Court
Noora Court
Norman Road
Norris Circuit
Northcott Avenue
Norton Road
Nuraylia Avenue
Nursery Road
Nyanda Court
Oakwood Rise
Olympus Drive
Orbell-Jones Court
Orchard Drive
Paltarra Court
Pandora Crescent
Paperbark Court
Paris Avenue
Park Lane
Parrs Road
Parry Street
Parsons Street
Pascoe Avenue
Paterson Street
Paul Street
Penhyrn Avenue
Percy Street
Peter Street
Pierson Drive
Pine Court
Pinetree Close
Pine Tree Close
Pitt Road
Pleasant Rise
Plumer Street
Plymouth Road
Powell Street
Primrose Road
Prospect Hill Road
Protea Close
Pytchley Road
Railway Crescent
Railway Grove
Raiteri Court
Ramble Crescent
Rangeview Court
Rappold Avenue
Rawlinson Street
Ray Street
Rescorla Avenue
Richards Avenue
Richardson Road
Ridgway Avenue
Robert Court
Robinson Street
Rockwall Place
Rodleigh Street
Roloran Avenue
Ronald Road
Rose Avenue
Rose Court
Ross Road
Rowan Street
Ruskin Avenue
Ryland Avenue
Sabato Street
Samuel Street
San Carlos Walk
Sandgate Avenue
Sandra Court
Savaris Court
Scheffer Crescent
Scurry Drive
Sellick Drive
Sevenoaks Avenue
Shane Crescent
Sherlock Road
Sherwood Court
Shirley Court
Silvergrass Court
Silverley Road
Smith Avenue
Somerset Crescent
Spinebill Grove
Spriggs Drive
Springfield Avenue
St Andrews Close
St Andrews Mews
Starcross Avenue
Stephen Crescent
St Georges Crescent
Stirling Road
St Johns Avenue
Strathfield Parade
Sturt Street
Sturt Street North
Sturt Street South
Sunray Court
Surrey Road
Surrey Road
Surrey Road East
Surrey Road West
Tallent Street
Tanika Circuit
Tara Close
Taronga Crescent
Tarralla Creek Trail
Taylors Road
Tea Tree Way
Telopea Grove
Temple Miles Road
Thackeray Court
The Mall
The Mount
The Oaks
The Pass
The Pass Road
The Range Boulevard
The Range Boulevard
The Terrace
Thomas Brew Lane
Tibari Court
Timms Avenue
Todd Court
Toorak Avenue
Trawalla Road
Turner Street
Tynong Street
Valentino Drive
Vasey Concourse
Veema Avenue
Velma Grove
Venetian Court
Vernon Street
Vicki Street
Victory Street
View Street
Vinter Avenue
Violet Lane
Wallara Crescent
Warrien Road
Warruga Court
Webster Avenue
Wesley Court
White Flats Terrace
Whitehorse Road
Wickham Road
Wicklow Avenue
Wilhelmina Court
William Dabb Terrace
William Road
Willow Court
Windsor Road
Woodland Avenue
Worrall Street
Yallambee Way
Yanina Court
Yarraduct Place North
Yarraduct Place South
Yarra Road
Yolanda Court
Yule Court
Yvonne Avenue
Zenith Close

Other Localities with Postcode 3136