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Frankston (VIC 3199) Suburb Information

Sales History for Frankston (VIC 3199)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Frankston (VIC 3199)

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Streets in Frankston (VIC 3199)

Abbeygate Court
Abelia Avenue
Abor Court
Acacia Court
Action Close
Acton Close
Addicott Lane
Addicott Street
Aden Place
Adina Court
Admirals Court
Akora Court
Albert Court
Alexander Crescent
Alfred Place
Alice Grove
Alicia Court
Allawah Avenue
Allenby Street
Almora Close
Alonzo Court
Altair Close
Alvina Court
Amanda Place
Amber Avenue
Anderson Street
Anita Court
Anjaya Court
Annie Street
Anton Court
Apollo Court
Aquarius Drive
Arabil Laneway
Arabil Street
Argyle Street
Arthurs Lane
Ashbrook Court
Ashleigh Avenue
Ashleigh Lane
Ashleigh Street
Augusta Crescent
Bahloo Court
Baillie Court
Bainbridge Avenue
Balcombe Street
Baldwyn Street
Ballam Close
Ballymore Court
Balmerino Square
Balmoral Street
Balmoral Walk
Bangor Drive
Banool Court
Banyan Drive
Barak Court
Barclay Avenue
Bardwell Avenue
Barite Place
Barkala Court
Barwon Avenue
Baxter Street
Bay Lane
Bay Street South
Bay Trail
Bayview Road
Beach Lane
Beach-Moorooduc Out Ramp On
Beach Street
Beaconsfield Avenue
Beaumont Crescent
Belar Avenue
Bell Street
Benanee Drive
Benong Place
Bentick Street
Bentley Place
Benton Avenue
Berberis Crescent
Berringa Street
Berwick Close
Beverley Close
Biarritz Court
Bidgee Street
Bindi Close
Birch Grove
Birdwood Street
Birkdale Court
Birtinya Court
Blackheath Avenue
Bloom Street
Bluegrass Walk
Bodalla Court
Bogong Court
Bokissa Drive
Bondi Avenue
Bordeaux Court
Boree Court
Boronia Close
Boundary Track
Bowman Court
Bradshaw Street
Bragge Street
Brentwood Crescent
Brigantine Court
Brooklyn Avenue
Bruce Road
Brunei Grove
Brushwood Grange
Brushwood Grove
Bunarong Drive
Bundara Court
Bunker Court
Burgess Court
Burleigh Court
Burleigh Laneway
Burnley Street
Burns Street
Burrow Street
Bush Court
Buxton Crescent
Byron Court
Cairn Court
Callaghan Laneway
Callaghan Place
Callantina Court
Callender Court
Cambridge Street
Camden Court
Camelia Court
Campbell Street
Caprice Court
Carder Avenue
Carlisle Court
Carmel Court
Carnation Court
Carnoustie Court
Carol Court
Carolyn Court
Carramar Drive
Carter Court
Casale Court
Cascade Street
Cassia Grove
Cassia Laneway
Castillon Square
Catalina Court
Catherine Parade
Cecil Lane
Cecil Street
Cedar Court
Challenge Court
Chamouni Court
Chantilly Court
Charlton Place
Charon Court
Chatterley Court
Chaucer Avenue
Cherbourg Court
Chestfield Court
Chevalier Place
Circuit Walk
Clarendon Street
Clarke Street
Cliff Lane
Cliff Road
Cliveden Avenue
Clover Court
Clyde Street
Clyde Street Mall
Clyde Street Mall
Colin Avenue
Condor Court
Connal Drive
Cooba Place
Coogee Avenue
Coonac Place
Coora Court
Coprosma Avenue
Coral Street
Corio Avenue
Corlett Lane
Corlett Street
Cornell Court
Corowa Place
Courageous Court
Coventry Court
Craig Street
Cranbourne Lane
Cranbourne-Peninsula Link In Ramp On
Cranbourne Road
Crathie Court
Cricklewood Avenue
Cromer Court
Culburra Avenue
Cullan Place
Cygnet Court
Dalkeith Court
Dalpura Circuit
Daly Street
Dandenong Lane
Dandenong Road East
Dandenong Road West
Darius Avenue
Davey Street
David Street
Deane Street
Dell Road
Denbigh Street
Denham Close
Derna Crescent
Derril Place
Devereaux Court
Devon Court
Dianella Court
Dianne Court
Digby Court
Dilkara Court
Dingle Avenue
Dirleton Close
Donald Avenue
Doran Court
Dorchester Court
Dorning Way
Douglas Grove
Douglas Walkway
Driftwood Court
Drum Close
Drysdale Avenue
Dulgai Court
Duncan Avenue
Dunraven Court
Dunsterville Crescent
Durley Close
Eastbourne Court
Ebdale Street
Edna Street
Effron Court
Eldorado Court
Elenya Court
Elinga Court
Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Street
Elka Place
Ellesmere Court
Ellis Street
Emerson Close
Emora Court
Erica Street
Erin Court
Erskine Lane
Erskine Street
Escabon Grove
Esplanade Road
Eton Court
Eula Court
Evelyn Street
Fairway Street
Farrell Lane
Farrell Street
Faygate Court
Fenwick Street
Ferndale Drive
Fernery Lane
Finch Street
Fingal Drive
Finisterre Court
Finlay Lane
Finlay Street
Fiocchi Avenue
Fitzroy Avenue
Flam Street
Fletcher Road
Florence Avenue
Flynn Court
Foot Street
Forsyth Street
Frallon Crescent
Francesca Court
Franciscan Avenue
Francis Street
Franklin Court
Frankston-Dandenong-Frankston In Ramp On
Frankston-Dandenong-Frankston Out Ramp On
Frankston-Dandenong Road
Frankston-Flinders Road
Frankston-Flinders Road
Frankston-Flinders Road
Frankston-Flinders Road
Frankston Freeway
Frankston In-Frankston-Dandenong Ramp Off
Frankston Out-Frankston-Dandenong Ramp Off
Frank Street
Frawley Lane
Frawley Street
Frew Avenue
Friswell Place
Frobisher Court
Frome Avenue
Furneaux Court
Gairloch Drive
Gallery Lane
Gama Court
Garalima Court
Garrylawn Court
Gascoyne Court
Gattinara Drive
Gatum Court
Gavan Court
Gaynor Court
Geneva Court
Genoa Court
Geoffrey Court
Geofrey Street
George Street
Gertrude Street
Giselle Court
Gladwyn Avenue
Glen Court
Glendenning Court
Glenelg Avenue
Glenelg Laneway
Glenora Court
Glenview Crescent
Golconda Avenue
Golf Links Road
Gomi Court
Gordon Avenue
Gould Street
Government Road
Grace Court
Grady Court
Graeme Street
Grandview Grove
Grand View Grove
Grand View Laneway
Grant Avenue
Greenbrier Court
Greenknowe Avenue
Gretana Crescent
Gretel Court
Grevillia Court
Grimwade Crescent
Guildford Close
Gulwa Avenue
Gweno Avenue
Gweno Road
Hakea Ridge Track
Hakea Street
Hampden Avenue
Hannah Street
Hardwicke Court
Harrow Street
Hartley Court
Hartwell Court
Hastings Road
Havana Crescent
Hayden Avenue
Heath Avenue
Heatherhill Lane
Heatherhill Road
Heathland Track
Heathmont Close
Helena Court
Helen Street
Helsal Court
Helvetia Court
Hibiscus Avenue
Highgate Court
High Lane
High Street
Highview Road
Hillcrest Drive
Hillcrest Road
Hill Street
Hilltop Mews
Hilton Court
Holmes Street
Hood Street
Hope Court
Horne Street
Hudson Avenue
Hunter Court
Ikara Place
Illawarra Close
Illira Avenue
Illowa Close
Ilton Avenue
Inala Court
Ince Court
Inga Court
Inglenook Crescent
Inglis Avenue
Innerleven Court
Invermay Court
Iona Court
Iranda Street
Irvine Crescent
Isabella Crescent
Jacana Avenue
James Street
Jasmine Court
Jason Place
Jasper Terrace
Jayne Street
Jerome Court
Jindalee Court
Jingai Court
John Street
Jolly Street
Joyce Avenue
Joy Street
Jubilee Avenue
Juliana Close
Justin Court
Kadina Close
Kalmia Street
Kananook Creek Boulevard
Kananook Creek Boulevard South
Kandy Court
Kanya Court
Kareela Road
Karingal Drive
Karingal Hub
Karingal Hub
Karingal Lane
Karma Court
Kars Street
Kashmir Crescent
Keast Street
Kelman Street
Kelso Street
Kenilworth Avenue
Kenley Court
Kenmore Court
Kent Grove
Keys Street
Khartoum Court
Kiandra Court
Kilburn Crescent
Kildare Court
Kimba Avenue
Kings Court
Kingston Heights
Kintal Court
Kipling Place
Kira Close
Kitara Court
Kitson Lane
Kitson Street
Kookaburra Street
Kooluna Court
Kurong Avenue
Laleham Court
Lalina Close
Lamat Court
Landsdowne Court
Lanena Court
Lansvale Court
Lantana Court
Lara Court
Lardner Road
Lascelles Court
Lautrec Street
Lawn Court
Lawrey Street
Leawarra Parade
Lee Street
Lefevre Court
Leighton Court
Leith Court
Leonard Street
Lerwick Court
Lewis Lane
Lewis Street
Ley Court
Liardet Crescent
Lima Court
Limerwick Court
Limosa Close
Lindrum Road
Lingi Court
Linlithgow Court
Lipton Drive
Lisa Court
Little Court
Little Dandenong Lane
Little Nepean Laneway
Little Park Lane
Lochaber Avenue
Lochearn Court
Logan Street
Lomar Court
Long Island Drive
Longleaf Street
Long Street
Lorikeet Court
Lorraine Street
Lowan Court
Lucerne Crescent
Lulworth Place
Lutana Court
Luther Place
Lytham Court
Macorna Street
MacRosty Court
Madeira Court
Magnolia Court
Malcolm Court
Mallum Avenue
Malura Place
Manly Avenue
Manna Gum Track
Manorwoods Drive
Mapiti Court
Margate Avenue
Marillac Court
Marina Avenue
Marla Court
Marlo Place
Mary Street
Maslen Close
Mayfair Court
May Street
McAlister Street
McMahons Road
McMurtry Way
Meerlu Avenue
Melaleuca Court
Melanda Court
Melva Court
Melville Avenue
Melvin Street
Mena Street
Mereweather Avenue
Meribah Court
Merinda Court
Merlin Court
Messmate Street
Milford Crescent
Milina Court
Millard Street
Millperra Court
Mimosa Court
Mincha Street
Minno Court
Minton Drive
Miranda Place
Mirang Court
Misty Close
Moola Court
Moonah Street
Moorooduc Highway
Morley Court
Morris Court
Mount View Court
Mount View Lane
Mount View Road
Mt View Court
Muirfield Court
Muir Street
Munica Court
Murawa Street
Murray Close
Musselburgh Court
Myrtle Court
Naomi Court
Napier Court
Narambi Crescent
Naranga Crescent
Naroo Place
Nats Track
Navarre Street
Nepean Highway
Nepean Lane
Nesbit Court
Netherbrae Road
Netherplace Drive
Neville Avenue
New Street
Niki Court
Nilma Court
Nirvana Court
Nolan Lane
Nolan Street
Nott Avenue
Nowa Court
Nukara Court
Nurla Court
Nursery Avenue
Nyora Close
Oakfield Court
Oakhurst Court
Oaklands Crescent
Oakmont Court
Oates Street
Oban Street
Ogrady Avenue
O'Grady Avenue
Oleosa Court
Olinda Place
Olive Grove
Olsen Lane
Olsen Street
Olympic Avenue
Omaroo Lane
Omaroo Road
Ondean Court
Onkara Street
Orana Court
Orrong Avenue
Orwil Lane
Orwill Street
Orwil Street
Outlook Road
Overport Road
Overton Lane
Overton Road
Owen Close
Oxford Street
Paisley Drive
Paisley Laneway
Palkana Street
Palm Court
Palm Street
Panmure Street
Parer Street
Paringa Court
Park Lane
Park Row
Park Street
Parkview Drive
Partridge Crescent
Parva Avenue
Parwan Court
Paton Street
Pembroke Avenue
Peninsula Link Freeway
Peninsula Link In-Cranbourne Ramp Off
Peninsula Link Out-Cranbourne Ramp Off
Peninsula Link Trail
Pepe Court
Pericoe Street
Perth Court
Petrie Lane
Petrie Street
Phillip Street
Picolo Court
Pier Promenade
Pimelia Court
Pinehill Drive
Pine Hill Drive
Playne Lane
Playne Street
Plaza Lane
Plover Close
Plowman Place
Prestwick Court
Putney Lane
Quality Street
Quamby Avenue
Quandong Court
Queen Street
Raleon Avenue
Random Street
Raphael Crescent
Rassay Court
Raymond Avenue
Rebecca Close
Redgdon Avenue
Regent Court
Reid Street
Renmuir Court
Reservoir Road
Rex Street
Rhonda Court
Roberta Grove
Roberts Street
Robinia Street
Robinsons Road
Rodney Court
Romme Close
Ropley Grange
Ropley Lane
Rosella Street
Rosella Track
Rosewood Court
Ross Smith Avenue
Ross Smith Avenue
Ross Smith Avenue East
Ross Smith Avenue Mall
Ross Smith Avenue West
Ross Smith Lane
Royle Lane
Royle Street
Rushcliffe Court
Russett Court
Ryder Court
Saltbush Glade
Samada Street
Samantha Court
Sandgate Avenue
Sandpiper Place
Santa Barbara Drive
Sassafras Drive
Savannah Court
Saxonwood Court
Schoonerbay Drive
Schooner Bay Drive
Screen Street
Seaquesta Court
Sebroff Street
Selina Court
Settlers Way
Shaftesbury Street
Shannon Street
Shannon Street Mall
Shaxton Circle
Sheldrake Close
Sheridan Avenue
Shrewsbury Court
Silas Avenue
Siska Court
Skye-Peninsula Link In Ramp On
Skye Road
Smythe Street
Smyth Street
Somme Avenue
Somme Laneway
Spray Street
Spring Lane
Spring Street
Stanford Court
Stanley Lane
Stanley Street
Station Street
Station Street Mall
St Clere Court
Steibel Place
Steibel Place
St Fillans Court
St George Court
Stiebel Place
St Johns Avenue
Stuart Close
Summit Road
Sunningdale Retreat
Susono Way
Susono Way
Swift Street
Tabor Mews
Taketa Crescent
Talara Court
Talbot Court
Tantani Street
Tara Drive
Tara Lane
Tarook Court
Tatura Court
Taverner Square
Tavistock Road
Tee Court
Terang Place
Teri Street
Tertullian Court
The Crest
The Glen
The Glen Street
The Heart Arcade
The Heart Arcade
The Mall
The Mews
The Ridge
The Rise
The Trossachs
Thompson Lane
Thompson Street
Tooloomba Court
Tooyal Street
Torrbay Court
Tower Avenue
Towerhill Lane
Towerhill Road
Tower Lane
Tralea Place
Troon Place
Tudor Court
Tulum Court
Turnberry Court
Tussock Court
Tyabb Court
Tyers Court
Tyne Court
Ullara Court
Ulric Court
Upminster Court
Valley Road
Vanessa Court
Varcoe Court
Venice Court
Vera Street
Vermay Avenue
Verner Avenue
Victoria Parade
Viola Court
Wakool Close
Walbundry Avenue
Wallace Avenue
Wandella Road
Wangarra Road
Warrain Lane
Warrain Street
Warrawee Circuit
Warrawee Circuit Track
Warringa Road
Washington Drive
Waterman Place
Wattle Drive
Wattletree Lane
Wattle Tree Lane
Wave Street
Weald Court
Weigela Court
Wells Lane
Wells Road
Wells Street
Westa Close
Wettenhall Road
White Street Mall
Whitford Way
Wilbraham Court
Williams Street
Willis Street
Willow Road
Windsor Court
Wingham Court
Winifred Street
Winton Avenue
Wisewould Avenue
Witternberg Avenue
Wolman Drive
Wolsley Avenue
Woodlands Grove
Woodlea Court
Woorilla Court
Wooten Close
Wurrindi Court
Wuxi Walk
Wykeham Court
Wynden Drive
Wyuna Court
Yandiah Court
Yardley Court
Yarla Court
Yarrabee Court
Yarram Court
Yarram Lane
York Court
Young Street
Yuille Street
Yuluma Court
Zammit Court
Zara Court

Other Localities with Postcode 3199