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Greensborough (VIC 3088) Suburb Information

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Sales History for Greensborough (VIC 3088)

Yearly Sales Information

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Streets in Greensborough (VIC 3088)

Acheron Crescent
Acworth Court
Adeline Street
Adina Close
Aintree Court
Akima Close
Albert Court
Albion Crescent
Alexandra Street
Alex Court
Alverna Close
Amiet Street
Aminya Place
Anaba Court
Anama Street
Apollo Court
Armstrong Street
Auriol Court
Avandina Crescent
Baird Street
Ballandry Crescent
Bambara Court
Banfield Terrace
Bannerman Avenue
Baranbali Grove
Barkala Close
Barook Place
Batman Walk
Bayonne Close
Beaconsfield Road
Beales Road
Beatrix Street
Beech Court
Beela Close
Beewar Street
Beryl Close
Bicton Street
Billabong Court
Billy Tea Court
Birrakay Court
Blanchard Court
Blue Gum Court
Bonnie Doone Street
Booyan Crescent
Boulton Court
Boyd Street
Brentwick Drive
Brinawa Drive
Broadbent Court
Broad Street
Bruce Street
Bullanoo Court
Bunalbo Court
Bunyarra Court
Cairns Street
Callan Walk
Cambita Court
Cam Street
Canara Court
Candlebark Close
Carbora Dale
Carinya Road
Carlo Court
Carmel Close
Carnon Street
Cassia Close
Charles Street
Church Street
Civic Circuit
Civic Drive
Clovemont Way
Clydebank Street
Collendina Crescent
Colvin Court
Community Drive
Conargo Court
Corowa Crescent
Cosham Court
Crana Grove
Crest Street
Currawong Lane
Curry Avenue
Danthonia Place
Darly Glen
Darvell Cove
Darwala Place
De Blonay Crescent
Delfin Crescent
Delpura Glen
Delta Road
Desmond Court
Diamond Boulevard
Diamond Creek Road
Diamond Hills Drive
Donald Street
Don Grove
Doowi Court
Doris Street
Dublin Green
Duncan Avenue
Dwyer Place
Eastgate Drive
Echuca Road
Eldale Avenue
Elder Street
Eliza Close
Ellen Court
Elonera Avenue
Elsie Street
Emerald Court
Erang Close
Errol Court
Ester Street
Ethel Street
Evrah Place
Farm Close
Flintoff Street
Forest Street
Frances Avenue
Fricker Avenue
Gabonia Avenue
Gambia Court
Geewan Court
George Court
Ghera Court
Gibcoe Street
Gilmour Court
Gilway Rise
Girralong Court
Gladman Street
Gladstone Road
Glamis Street
Glendale Road
Glengala Court
Glenice Street
Glen Valley Court
Glenwood Drive
Goodenia Grove
Goolgung Grove
Goonyah Court
Greenhill Road
Greenmeyer Court
Greensborough Bypass
Greensborough Bypass Path
Greensborough Highway
Greensborough-Metropolitan Ring In Ramp On
Greensborough Road
Greenview Court
Greta Street
Grimshaw Street
Hailes Street
Hailes Street East
Hakea Close
Haliday Court
Hamish Court
Hamlet Street
Harold Street
Hart Avenue
Hebden Street
Henry Street
Hiah Close
Hickling Avenue
Hobson Street
Hope Street
Hopkins Street
Horonda Street
Howard Street
Hume Street
Indigo Close
Italia Court
Jade Court
Jan Court
Jarrah Court
Jeffery Court
Jenna Close
Jessop Street
John Paul Drive
Joyce Avenue
Julie Court
Julinda Court
Jumbunna Court
Kalparrin Avenue
Kanowindra Crescent
Kardinia Street
Karee Court
Kariboo Grove
Karingal Drive
Keda Place
Kell Court
Kell Street
Kempston Street
Kenwyn Court
Kerta Close
Keswick Glen
Kiandra Close
Kierce Court
Killarney Ridge
Kilto Dale
Kinka Place
Kolonga Court
Kowa Court
Kundy Close
Landra Place
Lantana Close
Larcom Court
Larnook Close
Laura Court
Layton Avenue
Lear Court
Lebunya Court
Leischa Court
Lemon Tree Lane
Liat Way
Lightwood Walk
Lodge Street
Lomandra Court
London Court
Longmuir Road
Loomai Close
Loorea Court
Lorimer Street
Louis Street
Lumleah Court
Lyell Parade
Lyn Street
Macka Avenue
Mackillop Drive
Mada Close
Mahogany Court
Main Street
Manatunga Circuit
Mannix Court
Manooka Court
Mari Close
Marino Way
Marissa Crescent
Marong Court
Mayfield Street
McDowell Street
McIntosh Court
McKenzie Court
Medbury Avenue
Medhurst Court
Melliodora Crescent
Melliodora Place
Melville Drive
Mercy Court
Meron Court
Metropolitan Ring In-Plenty Ramp Off
Metropolitan Ring Out-Greensborough Ramp Off
Metropolitan Ring Road
Metropolitan Ring Road Path
Miga Close
Mine Street
Miowera Green
Monty Street
Moodie Street
Mountain View Road
Mulgowrie Court
Mura Close
Murumba Street
Musgrove Court
Myoora Court
Nairne Terrace
Nandaly Court
Narbethong Drive
Naroo Close
Natimuk Street
Nell Street
Nepean Street
Ninion Court
Nioka Court
Nobel Close
Nokuna Court
Noorabil Court
Nulgarrah Crescent
Nym Court
Odenpa Court
Old Para Court
Oldstead Road
Oliver Court
Omaru Rise
Orana Drive
Palinga Street
Palmerston Court
Palmyra Court
Palpera Terrace
Pamburra Court
Para Road
Paratea Court
Paraweena Court
Parklands Avenue
Parkview Avenue
Paterson Crescent
Paton Court
Patonga Place
Patrick Close
Paulette Close
Pellett Street
Pembroke Street
Perrumba Street
Phillip Court
Piccadilly Close
Pine Avenue
Pinehills Drive
Pinnaroo Court
Plantago Court
Plenty Lane
Plenty-Metropolitan Ring Out Ramp On
Plenty River Drive
Plenty River Trail
Plenty Road
Pope Place
Poulter Avenue
Primo Court
Progress Road
Punkerri Circuit
Purri Close

Other Localities with Postcode 3088