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January 2003 News Article
31 January Treasury survey shows housing is way to wealth
Owning housing is the way to achieving and retaining wealth. This is the lesson from the Treasury Economic Round-up issued today (Jan 31).
30 January Sales of new homes slow
The sale of new homes fell by 30 per cent in December 2002, according to the latest figures from the Housing Industry Association.
30 January Commonwealth cuts fixed home loan rates
The Commonwealth Bank has reduced most of its home and investment home loan fixed interest rates by up to 0.2% effective tomorrow (Jan 31).
30 January Selling a burnt wreck
Outside quite a few of the wrecked houses in Duffy and Chapman after the bushfire went through were some For Sale signs. Some had the sticker SOLD plastered across them.
30 January Insurance risk with illegal work
Home owners and buyers face a serious risk that insurance companies will not pay claims for dwellings destroyed or damaged as a result of illegal building, wiring or plumbing, a leading architectural body warned today (Feb...
29 January ACT Housing helps 40 fire-hit tenants
ACT Housing has lost approximately 40 properties in the ACT due to bushfires.
29 January Fire defers full retail competition in electricity
Full retail competition in electricity has been deferred three months until July 1, Treasurer Ted Quinlan announced today (Jan 30).
28 January Emergency lifted and recovery body appointed
The state of emergency imposed on January 18 was lifted today (Jan 28) by Chief Minister Jon Stanhope.
24 January HIA acts on bushfires
Australia's peak building industry body, the Housing Industry Association, will draw on its national resources to help meet a predicted 20 per cent annual increase in residential building requirements resulting from Canberra's bushfire disaster.
24 January Surprise housing statistics
The ACT has the highest proportion of people with a mortgage of any state or territory in Australia; the highest proportion renting out side the NT; the lowest proportion living in a fully paid-off house; and...
24 January Insurance checks needed
Householders should check they have adequate insurance, Insurance Council of Australia has warned.
23 January Water and sewerage charges waived
ACTEW will waive water and sewerage charges for those home owners who have had their homes destroyed by the recent fires.
21 January Bushfire appeal launched
An appeal for victims of Canberra’ bushfires was launched today (Jan21).
21 January Rental properties being snapped up
Rental properties in the ACT are being snapped up as a result of the bushfires.
20 January Canberra house market can cope with fire losses
There are enough dwellings on the rent market in Canberra to cope with housing those people whose houses have been damaged or destroyed while they reconstruct.
20 January PM supports Bush Capital
Canberrans are not going to give up living cheek by jowl with the bush, despite the weekend’s devastating fires, Prime Minister John Howard said today (Jan 20)
17 January Water restrictions go well but fires hurt
Canberrans are using about 30 per cent less water than usual after a month of water restrictions.