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February 2009 News Article
27 February New homes on hold because of financial crisis
Soft sales and credit rationing have put an estimated 34,000 new homes on hold, according to the Housing Industry Association.
23 February Housing starts expected to recover in 2009-10
Housing starts are expected to pick up in the next two financial years, according to the latest HIA National Outlook, released today (23 February 2009).
20 February More interest rate cuts open to Reserve: Stevens
Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens made it clear today (20 February 2009) that further interest rate cuts remained open to policymakers.
15 February Tenants should bargain over rent
Tenants should bargain over rent, according to the NSW Tenants Union.
15 February House sales down and likely to stay so
National house sales were down 16 per cent in 2008 to 296,000 and unit sales down 11 per cent to 128,000.
6 February Housing recovery later in the year, Reserve says
Housing would pick up later in the year after short-term slumps in housing investment, the Reserve Bank said today (6 February 2008).
4 February Rates lowest since 1964
Interest rates are the lowest for 45 years following today's (3 February 2008) 1 percentage point interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank.
4 February Housing approvals slump futher
Housing approvals are at the lowest for 25 years (with the exception of 2000 GST slump), according to figures out today (4 February 2008).