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    City planning to be simplified


A change to the Territory Plan will remove mandatory requirements on things like colour and design of building in Civic.

Planning Minister Simon Corbell said the variation would remove in most cases the need for preliminary assessments within the City.

The variation would remove mandatory preliminary assessment triggers for gross floor area and height, for development across the whole of Civic. Mandatory triggers related to development on Community Facility or Urban Open Space land will remain. It also lifts restrictions on the use of color and building design within Civic.

'The two preliminary assessment triggers proposed to be removed by the Draft Variation have brought unnecessary preliminary design costs to Civic projects without improving the opportunity to fully evaluate environmental considerations,' Corbell said.

'This reduction in unnecessary red tape will encourage investment and help reinforce Civic as the pre-eminent office and development location in Canberra.' In addition to this, all existing planning controls, master plans and guidelines will be combined into the one unified planning document.

'The first draft of the consolidated document is expected to be completed by July this year and following a comprehensive public consultation and stakeholder engagement process, the entire unified planning document is expected to be to be finalised by June 2006.'

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