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May 2006 News Article
31 May ACT land tax now 10 times higher than Victoria’s
Victoria has the lowest land tax for middle-priced houses following tonight’s Budget (30 may 06).
31 May Selling real estate the American way
Only in America. Real estate company Centex Homes, in Santa Clarita just down the road from Hollywood, has a new way of selling houses.
30 May Sales of new homes fall before rate rise
The sale of new homes across Australia has fallen in April, demonstrating the fragile nature of the current recovery in home building activity.
30 May Residential developers losing money in NSW
Residential developers are losing money in parts of NSW.
29 May OK to think property, philosopher says
It is all right to be obsessed with property, according to philosopher Alain de Botton.
28 May High-end property looking good in Canberra
A house in Yarralumla fetched a Canberra record of $2.75 million this week (week ends 27 May 06).
25 May House prices rise higher than inflation
The price of established houses rose by more than inflation in the March quarter, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released today (25 May 06).
23 May New home buyers' double slug
People buying new homes in outer Sydney pay $130,000 in housing-related taxes, much more than for people buying more expensive homes in established houses, according to the Residential Development Council
23 May Housing boom fuels 'unsustainable' spending
The Housing boom has fuelled an unsustainable spending spree, according to Access Economics.
23 May Invisible home invaders costing $780 million a year
Invisible home invaders who “steal” your house whether you’re asleep or awake are costing Australians $780 million a year.
21 May Housing affordability slips back
The home-ownership dream is further away, according to the latest Housing Industry Association/Commonwealth Bank affordability survey released today (21 may 06.
17 May Young willing to sacrifice for home
Younger Australians are now more willing to make sacrifices to buy their first home, according to a recent survey.
16 May Banks say home-buyers 2.5pc better off
Home-owners are 2.5 percentage points better compared to a decade ago because of competition.
15 May Real estate agent's concern on laundering law
A major real estate network has called for clarification of the role real estate agents in proposed new anti-money laundering legislation.
12 May Loans up but rate rise to delay housing recovery
THE number of loans approved for home buyers rose in March, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported today (12 May) but the housing market's fledgling recovery is likely to be delayed because of this month's rise...
11 May Rural property booming
Rural property in Australia is booming, according to the National Australia Banks’ agribusiness division details of which were published today (11 May 06).
10 May Budget not to affect rates in short term
The Budget is unlikely to cause an immediate rise in interest rates, according to economists.
9 May Rental market to stay tight in ACT
Predictions of an over-supply of units in Canberra are likely to prove wrong as a flood of new workers into the city take up the slack.
5 May Lenders waste no time lifting rates
Westpac became the last of the big four banks to lift interest rates late today (5 May 06).
4 May Traffic objection over-ruled
The objections of residents of Aranda to eight units being built in a cul-de-sac have been over-ruled by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
3 May Interest rates up by 0.25 per cent
Interest rates will rise by 0.25 per cent, the Reserve Bank announced today (3 May 06).