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Hoppers Crossing (VIC 3029) Suburb Information

Sales History for Hoppers Crossing (VIC 3029)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Hoppers Crossing (VIC 3029)

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Streets in Hoppers Crossing (VIC 3029)

Abbotswood Drive
Abelia Way
Acer Terrace
Adele Court
Aitken Avenue
Alabama Close
Albert Place
Albion Court
Alexandra Avenue
Allawah Court
Allora Close
Alsace Avenue
Amandi Terrace
Amstel Court
Amy Close
Angela Drive
Appian Court
Aquinas Court
Arcadian Place
Arnold Court
Arundel Court
Ash Court
Ashcroft Avenue
Ashley Avenue
Ashton Crescent
Ashwood Boulevard
Baden Drive
Baggott Drive
Balladong Crescent
Balme Court
Banksia Crescent
Bankview Way
Barber Drive
Barklya Court
Barrot Avenue
Barrow Court
Bartlett Crescent
Bastille Court
Bayliss Avenue
Bayview Crescent
Beal Place
Beckford Close
Bedford Court
Bellbridge Drive
Bennett Close
Bentley Crescent
Berberis Place
Bernhardt Avenue
Berri Court
Bethany Road
Betula Rise
Beverley Court
Bindowan Drive
Birchwood Boulevard
Bird Court
Bisset Court
Bissett Court
Bloxham Court
Bluebell Court
Bolger Crescent
Bond Street
Bootten Court
Bordeaux Drive
Boston Place
Bottlebrush Drive
Bourke Crescent
Bowden Street
Box Place
Boyanich Court
Branton Road
Breton Drive
British Place
Brittany Court
Broadlands Court
Bromage Close
Bronson Circuit
Brooke Court
Buchan Court
Buckhurst Way
Budgeree Place
Buller Court
Burge Crescent
Burnham Drive
Calais Court
Callander Crescent
Callistemon Drive
Cameron Drive
Canberra Avenue
Cantal Court
Caraleena Drive
Carling Court
Carnaby Close
Carolyn Drive
Carruthers Drive
Carshalton Court
Carson Crescent
Casey Drive
Casley Place
Cassia Court
Castleton Avenue
Casuarina Close
Cation Avenue
Cations Avenue
Cavanagh Close
Centaur Way
Chardonnay Place
Chateau Close
Chigwell Court
Christen Court
Churchill Court
Citrus Close
Civic Centre
Clansman Close
Claremont Crescent
Claremont Road
Clay Avenue
Clearview Court
Clendon Court
Cleveland Drive
Colac Court
Colliet Place
Conifer Close
Coniston Place
Connor Place
Coolabah Crescent
Cooper Street
Coral Court
Costa Drive
Costas Drive
Courtney Avenue
Cowderoy Street
Cowie Place
Crampton Court
Crana Court
Crofton Court
Crossway Avenue
Crowe Street
Cumming Drive
Daly Court
Darbyshire Place
Darus Court
Dauphine Mews
Davie Crescent
Dawe Court
Dean Street
Delaware Court
Deloraine Drive
Dennison Avenue
Denver Court
Derrimut Road
Desire Place
Devlin Drive
Domigan Court
Dona Drive
Don Avenue
Dorchap Court
Doris Drive
Dowling Avenue
Doynton Parade
Drummer Court
Drury Lane
Dummett Avenue
Dunbarton Avenue
Dunk Court
Dunlop Road
Dunraven Drive
Durham Crescent
Dyer Street
Eclipse Place
Elder Road
Eleanor Drive
Ella Court
Elliot Court
Elmes Court
Elm Park Drive
Empire Drive
Enea Place
Erica Court
Erin Court
Erskine Square
Estelle Avenue
Etherton Court
Eton Court
Euroa Place
Everard Place
Evrah Drive
Excelsa Rise
Eyre Close
Fairhaven Crescent
Fairway Avenue
Falconer Terrace
Farnborough Place
Federation Trail
Fernwood Drive
Fifeshire Drive
Fink Court
First Avenue
Fleetwood Court
Foley Court
Forsyth Road
Fourth Avenue
Fowler Street
Franklin Boulevard
Fraser Street
Freesia Court
Fulham Court
Gabo Street
Gainford Court
Gambier Court
Gannet Street
Gateway Lane
Gaye Court
Geddes Crescent
George Greeves Place
Germander Court
Gildan Court
Gill Place
Glendale Court
Gleneagles Avenue
Glenwood Close
Goates Court
Golconda Close
Golden Ash Grove
Goldenfleece Place
Golden Fleece Place
Golden Square Crescent
Goodwin Close
Goshawk Court
Gos-Hawk Court
Gracefield Court
Graham Court
Grandiflora Parkway
Grange Court
Grevillea Crescent
Guinane Avenue
Gum Close
Guyenne Court
Hafey Crescent
Hagen Close
Haideh Court
Hall Street
Hammer Court
Hampstead Drive
Hampton Court
Harkaway Avenue
Harris Avenue
Hart Street
Hastings Avenue
Hawkhurst Court
Hawthorn Drive
Hayden Street
Hayes Court
Hayley Street
Hazelwood Court
Heather Court
Heaths Road
Hedley Street
Henley Court
Herbert Avenue
Hilden Close
Hogans Road
Honeysuckle Place
Horne Street
Hotham Crescent
Hudson Place
Hughes Street
Hunt Court
Hunter Avenue
Huntingfield Drive
Hyslop Street
Imperial Place
Incana Close
Industrial Avenue
Innkeeper Place
Inns Place
Ironbark Drive
Ixia Close
Jackson Place
James Austin Place
James Bryce Avenue
Jarman Court
Jarrah Court
Jasmine Close
Jenni Court
Jillard Walk
John Flynn Court
Johnson Avenue
Judkins Avenue
Julier Crescent
Juno Close
Karoola Court
Karri Crescent
Kathleen Crescent
Kawana Court
Kelwin Court
Kenmore Close
Kennedia Close
Kennedy Court
Kenneth Close
Kerta Close
Kilburn Place
Kilmarnock Court
Kilmur Road
Kimble Court
Kingston Boulevard
Knightsbridge Drive
Kookaburra Avenue
Lamb Grove
Landor Close
Langridge Street
Lantana Avenue
Larkin Place
Larter Court
Lavender Place
Lavinia Drive
Lawson Court
Leatherwood Drive
Lena Court
Lentini Street
Lewis Place
Lidgerwood Close
Lisa Court
Llewellyn Court
Lockhart Court
Loire Close
London Court
Lonsdale Circuit
Lorena Close
Lorraine Close
Loxley Court
Lydhurst Court
Lyndall Court
Lyon Court
Macedon Street
Macks Place
MacRobertson Way
Madison Drive
Mailrun Court
Majella Court
Manatee Close
Maple Crescent
Maplehurst Avenue
Marche Court
Marcus Court
Marion Walk
Marlborough Crescent
Martine Court
Maryann Way
Mascot Court
Matlock Street
Matthew Close
McCormack Crescent
McIntosh Avenue
McKellar Avenue
McKenzie Crescent
McMillan Court
McMurray Crescent
McVeigh Place
Meadow Way
Medina Drive
Melaleuca Drive
Merrett Avenue
Michelle Court
Miller Court
Mindara Court
Minogue Crescent
Mirambeek Road
Moffatt Crescent
Mokhtar Drive
Monteath Crescent
Moorillah Street
Morell Place
Moreton Court
Morris Road
Morrow Place
Moss Close
Mossfiel Drive
Motto Court
Murdoch Street
Myers Court
Natalie Court
Nathan Close
Nelson Way
Nerang Court
Nettlefold Avenue
Nevada Court
Nicklaus Drive
Nitaya Street
Noonan Road
Normandy Close
Northey Crescent
Norwood Court
Oak Close
Oakwood Crescent
Okeefe Place
O'Keefe Place
Old Geelong Road
Oldtrack Place
Oleander Drive
Oneill Avenue
O'Neill Avenue
Oppy Crescent
Orbel Close
Orchid Court
Oreilly Road
Orion Street
Overs Court
Owen Crescent
Palmer Court
Palm Street
Paloma Court
Pandelis Boulevard
Pannam Drive
Park Drive
Park Place
Parkside Walk
Parkview Close
Parrakeet Road
Paruna Place
Patterson Avenue
Patton Lane
Peacock Street
Penny Crescent
Penrose Promenade
Pentlowe Street
Perkins Avenue
Phoenix Avenue
Picardy Court
Pickering Close
Pinnacle Place
Player Close
Pluto Place
Poulter Street
Powell Drive
Priestley Avenue
Priorswood Drive
Protea Court
Provence Grove
Quarrion Court
Radford Court
Raemur Court
Redan Close
Redwood Drive
Reflections Boulevard
Regency Terrace
Regent Street
Reserve Road
Richards Road
Rita Court
Riverex Place
Rob Close
Robert Lyall Place
Roberts Avenue
Robin Street
Rodney Court
Romany Place
Roma Street
Rose Gardens Place
Roseland Crescent
Rosella Avenue
Rosemary Close
Rosslare Court
Rottnest Court
Roya Court
Rudkin Court
Rudolph Street
Ryan Close
Saddington Avenue
Sandleford Way
Sark Court
Sayers Road
Scherbourg Place
Seasons Boulevard
Second Avenue
Shada Court
Shaft Court
Sharp Street
Sheahan Crescent
Shearer Close
Shearwater Court
Sheedy Road
Sheeprun Place
Shelley Place
Sheoak Court
Sier Avenue
Sierra Court
Silfay Court
Silflay Court
Silkwood Boulevard
Skeleton Creek Trail
Smeaton Avenue
Smith Court
Snead Close
Snowgum Court
Sovereign Retreat
Spring Drive
Stafford Street
Stagecoach Close
Stanley Court
St Anns Court
Staughton Place
Stella Way
Stephen Court
St Georges Court
Stirling Court
St James Wood Drive
Storrington Avenue
Strang Street
Strathmore Crescent
Strickland Avenue
Sunbird Crescent
Sunset Court
Sutton Close
Swift Street
Sycamore Street
Symons Avenue
Talina Close
Tallong Court
Tamboritha Place
Tandarra Drive
Taree Court
Tarneit Road
Teal Street
Tenby Way
Tetragona Close
The Close
The Court
The Glades
The Glen
The Mews
Third Avenue
Thistle Close
Thomas Carr Drive
Thorpe Avenue
Thrush Court
Tillbush Close
Titus Avenue
Tootles Court
Torana Court
Torbreck Close
Torquata Court
Toulouse Crescent
Townville Court
Townville Crescent
Travis Court
Treeside Drive
Trentham Close
Trevino Close
Tribute Court
Tucker Court
Tudor Court
Tulip Close
Ulster Court
Vale Court
Vernon Court
Victor Court
Virgilia Drive
Voltaire Court
Von Nida Drive
Walnut Way
Walsh Street
Warrenwood Avenue
Warringa Crescent
Waterloo Court
Waterside Close
Watson Close
Weidner Street
Weiskof Drive
Westmill Drive
Whitsunday Drive
Wildflower Crescent
Wilkinson Street
William Wright Wynd
Willmott Drive
Wilmington Avenue
Wilson Crescent
Wiltonvale Avenue
Wistaria Way
Woodville Park Drive
Woolpack Street
Wright Street
Wyena Court
Wynarka Drive
Yandina Road
Yarrabee Drive
Yatama Court
Yenda Court
Zebra Finch Court
Zebra-Finch Court

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