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Kallangur (QLD 4503) Suburb Information

Sales History for Kallangur (QLD 4503)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Kallangur (QLD 4503)

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Streets in Kallangur (QLD 4503)

Able Street
Acacia Court
Acacia Crescent
Adam Court
Adelaide Street
Ahern Street
Albert Street
Aldis Place
Alexander Avenue
Allison Drive
Allison Drive West
Alonga Court
Alpha Street
Alpine Court
Andracia Street
Andrew Street
Ann Street
Anzac Approach
Anzac Avenue
Anzac Avenue Bridge
Anzac Avenue Off Ramp
Apa Court
Applemint Court
Applewood Court
Aquarius Street
Archer Street
Argus Place
Arrakune Crescent
Arthur Street
Ascot Crescent
Ashley Court
Autumn Place
Azalea Court
Baines Street
Ballara Street
Balstrup Road
Balstrup Road North
Balstrup Road South
Banksia Court
Beattie Street
Beerwah Parade
Bellthorpe Circuit
Benham Avenue
Bickle Road
Bilinga Place
Birchgrove Crescent
Birdwing Crescent
Blackbird Terrace
Blazey Street
Bluegum Street
Boardman Street
Bolte Crescent
Bond Street
Bottlebrush Court
Bottle Brush Court
Bottle-Brush Court
Boyanda Drive
Brays Road
Brewer Street
Brian Court
Brickworks Road
Bridgeman Street
Bridge Street
Bridge Street East
Bridge Street West
Briggs Court
Brimstone Court
Brolga Avenue
Bruce Highway
Bruce Highway On Ramp
Bunbury Street
Burns Parade
Butterfly Drive
Byron Court
Caine Street
Caitlin Court
Camberwell Drive
Campbell Street
Camryn Court
Cantor Street
Caper White Court
Cardiff Court
Carla Court
Carmel Court
Casey Court
Cassia Court
Castle Court
Cathy Way
Cavallo Street
Cecily Street
Chantrey Court
Cinnabar Place
Cinnabar Road
Claragh Court
Claudia Circuit
Cliff Street
Clyde Street
Comma Court
Connondale Circuit
Conondale Circuit
Cootha Drive
Coppin Street
Coppin Street East

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